Skyward Sword: Flippant Flailing

There will obviously be spoilers for the ending of Skyward Sword, turn back now if you haven’t played the game. It’s a great time and I wouldn’t want to spoil it for anyone The final boss Demise is like a beefy, corrupted version of Ganon. He’s humanoid shaped so the fight is an epic sword … Continued

Dead or Alive Xtreme 3: Objectivity and shaming

Dead or alive beach volleyball was the subject of much,much,much drama during the run up to its release. The poor guys just want some anime tiddy. The decision to not release it West has irritated some (namely the voice actresses) and other publishers also scared of a similar attack from the progressive press. Not to … Continued

Defending Metroid Prime Federation Force

  Metroid Prime Federation Force, Should We Be Sceptical?  There’s been an extremely vocal uproar regarding the latest title in the Metroid Prime series. Metroid Prime Federation Force. It’s quite a radical departure from previous entries, so people are understandably upset. After the divisive entry in the franchise that was ‘Metroid Other M’, a lot of … Continued

The Potential Of Amiibo

Three Is The Magic Number. Nintendo have been showing off the upcoming Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess HD re-release. The game will now have a third console release. And only in the short space of a few years. It’s obvious that HD remasters take substantially less resources to develop. The release is likely to keep the … Continued

Splatoon Final Boss

The Splatoon Final Boss…Is Well, Boss! Splatoon features a pretty standard single player campaign which serves mostly as a lengthy warm-up for online play. But the final boss…Just…Wow! It’s as if it was ripped from an entirely different game. It’s so stupidly high energy and bombastic that it’s likely to end up on a series … Continued

Sonic’s 25th anniversary

So recently Sega have been teasing a potential announcement for Sonic’s 25th anniversary this year, so we’re going to have a meandering speculation post! Similar to my previous Zelda Wii u one. The 25th image so far just seems like a compilation of existing promo material. For Sonic’s 20th we got exactly what the fans … Continued

Emotes Trolling: Zelda Tri Force Heroes

A guide to Emotes Trolling! Need an emotes guide to trolling? Well I’ve been playing a lot of Tri Force Heroes online, I’ve witnessed the attitude and culture surrounding usage of the touch screen emotes. What follows is not at all a satirical guide on the ideal usage of each one. But rather a fool-proof … Continued

Xenoblade Chronicles X meme laden localization

Loco Localization! So this past year I’ve been expressing a lot of worry and doubt over the release and localization of Xenoblade Chronicles X. I’ve become enamoured for the series after sinking over 200 hours into the Wii entry. Definitely the best title out of the operation rainfall trio Club Nintendo shall be missed. Hopefully something … Continued

The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes

I’ve sank about 3 hours into the game thus far and wanted to share my initial impressions. I briefly sampled the single player and have tried out download play, local wireless and internet play with strangers and friends. Needless to say, multiplayer Zelda is something of an acquired taste. Mario translates a lot better to … Continued

Nintendo’s continued infantilization of the West.

This is a worrying trend. One I’ve wrote about previously regarding the removal of content from the English release of Project Zero on the Wii U. And now, we have an even more erratic decision from Western Nintendo. Xenoblade Chronicles X is a highly anticipated game for myself and my social circle of geeks. I … Continued

Zelda Wii U Speculation

So this month there was the long awaited return of Nintendo Direct. I watched the European edition and was happy to see Satoru Shibata after the long absence. If he keeps up these kinds of wacky hijinks I think we’ll grow to like him. I feel he did a serviceable job, he`s a cheerful enough … Continued

Memes Nintendo? really?!

So lately Nintendo have been alarming fans with their strange choice of language and terminology. Recently I wrote about the inappropriate nature of using the word `spoopy` as a descriptive term for a Fatal Frame trailer. It’s certainly not a funny game which would allow for jokes and meme-ish language. It comes across as a … Continued