Nintendo’s continued infantilization of the West.

November 18, 2015


This is a worrying trend. One I’ve wrote about previously regarding the removal of content from the English release of Project Zero on the Wii U. And now, we have an even more erratic decision from Western Nintendo.

Xenoblade Chronicles X is a highly anticipated game for myself and my social circle of geeks. I sank hundreds of hours into its Wii predecessor and it was a fantastic experience. That and The Last Story are fiercely tied for best RPG on the Wii.

xeoblade screen

My Classic controller is falling pieces thanks to these classics.

The new Xenoblade title is pretty typical of a lot of Japanese RPG tropes. We have ludicrous haircuts, a bonkers plot, fan service and kickass mechs.
And in a surprising twist, we have a character creator! Something of a rarity in Japanese games. A feature typically reserved for Western RPG’s.

But it hasn’t made it to us fully intact. For some inane reason (likely a perceived offense against all women worldwide) the ability to increase and decrease your protagonists breast size has been removed.
Likely a befuddling decision to most. But to people keeping an eye on Nintendo this is a scary trend as of late.

Aside from the boob based fiasco, they also messed with the proportions of the character Lin. Assumedly to have her look less like a child. But wow did they do a sloppy job. She looks like some sort of chibi drawf.


Not to mention her outfits have also seen an alteration.

Obviously I have no preference on the choice of outfit. I just feel gamers should be allowed to choose for themselves. Skimpy polygons aren’t hurting anyone. Anyone who could legitimately take offense with content like this is not likely to be a fan of Japanese videogames. Let alone one that’s console exclusive, a sequel to a cult classic and extremely Eastern orientated.

Nintendo should have respected the source materiel and given gamer what they’ve been clamoring for years. Unaltered and embodying the zany and slightly cringy appeal of Japanese games.


For a good example of action fused with cringe, Sin and punishment is the perfect series.

Being forced to wait longer to get our hands on the game is agonising enough. But to be delayed so that overbearing translaters can inject thier doctrine into a bloody videogame is beyond maddening.

As you can tell I have a hell of a lot more confidence in Monolith Soft then I do Nintendo localization at the moment. Xenoblade isn’t a product which should be tampered with. It’s been anticipated for a long time and not only are English speaking players going to have to suffer a santised reworking but no more British style voice acting. One of my favourite things about the original.


It’s like Eastenders and Final Fantasy 12 had a baby!

The issues surrounding Xenoblade Chronicles X are certainly resonating with gamers. It’s one of those “we know whats best for you scenarios” which really pushes peoples buttons. Could you imagine if people were allowed to consume whatever media they wanted? The madness! /sarcasm

siliconera had to shut down thier comments section due to so called `heated` debate regarding the situation. unusual business move. But i hear censorship is quite hot these days.

Something with an X in the title shouldn’t be softened and made presentable for the fickle offendatron demographic. This is a distinctly Japanese game and that’s by no means a bad things. A couple of amendments here and there aren’t going to magically snag up another demographic from the gaming sphere.


Speaking of misdirected pandering.

Linkle was a nice surprise to come out of the Nintendo direct. I think she looks really neat. Her moveset encompassing lots of kicks and duel wielded weapons reminded me of Bayonetta.
Personally, I think if Link(le) was to be female in the new iteration of Zelda it wouldn’t be that big a deal. Link is already quite androgynous anyway, and it fits perfectly into the canon. At least ONE of link’s descendants would surely be female. Unless he possessed some kind of patriarchal Hyrulian sperm.


Gender speculation aside, it’s good to see Link in the new game looking different most of all. It’s a cool design. Feels naked without some kind of headwear however.

Links gender has been a divisive topic for the past few years. Obviously having a female link would be a bit jarring to some people. But keeping in mind that first party Nintendo is one of the best development studios in the world and superficial elements like that pale in comparison to the core game itself. Nonetheless, there’s lots of shallow idiots who to choose to focus on that and nothing else.

Linkle was a interesting venture in this regard. But now that the hit pieces and sarky comments are emerging, I’m beginning to think the games press have more beef with Nintendo then gender representation. Nothing is ever good enough for this crowd.

This bizarre spiral of self censorship and fruitless pandering is sad to see. Nintendo is already in a hard enough place without bastardising valuable export from Japan. There’s so few games coming out for the Wii U, we don’t need the ones that actually are chopped,delayed up and meddled with.


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