Nintendo’s mishandling of Fatal Frame

October 19, 2015


For the purposes of this article I’ll be using the title Project Zero and Fatal Frame interchangeably, as I’m referring to the upcoming Wii U sequel Project Zero: Maiden of Black Water as it’s known in the UK.

Fatal Frame is a phenomenal horror franchise from japan. All of the entries in the series have been received well by critics and gamers alike. When they actually get released that is. Sadly the Wii exclusive entry in the franchise never made it to British shores much to my disappointment. It’s understandable however, by this point Wii sales had slowed to a crawl and horror is already something of a niche genre. Still miffed over the decision however.

So upon hearing the Wii U entry was being localized was a huge delight. Not only is it a kick ass horror franchise, but they’re taking full advantage of the hardware, using the Gamepad as a manifestation of the camera obscura in the game. seemingly quite innovative and immersive. What could possibly go wrong?


Using earphones on the gamepad for this game will likely reduce my life expectancy from the scare factor. Cant wait!

Nintendos store for one.

I snapped up a limited edition copy from thier official UK store page. Many, many months in advance of it’s release i felt secure in my pre-order.

However, Nintendo’s own storefront isn’t as versatile as most place, and because i had snapped up a pre-order to damn eagerly my credit card was due to expire before it’s release. Fortunately, the only way to rectify this (after extensive scouring of thier forums and FAQ section) was to cancel the order and re-pre-order again using my new card.

“It’s a niche game” I thought “surely I wont lose my pre-order if just ask them to transfer it” I thought.

Sadly they were unable to do so. they claimed that all copies had been sold, which was highly misleading since i know for a fact they couldn’t have sold off my pre-order in the fraction of time between my interactions on the store. I’ve had a lot of misfortune with Nintendo customer support in the past and this was another to add onto the pile. (That’s an article for another time)

The worst part was, this awesome bundle containing a bundle of pre-order goodies was UK exclusive, and the game (at the time) was confirmed to be download only in America. This was extremely cool and rare deal had slipped from my grasp and I was really gutted at Nintendo being supremely unhelpful with me yet again.


I still remember the excellent bundle for The Last Story. It’s great to see japan rarities like these games get the special treatment.

THANKFULLY. The UK videogame retail giant simply  known as GAME offered the exact same bundle a few months later. I snapped that shit up faster then you can imagine. I think i briefly developed carpal tunnel syndrome from abusing the refresh button on my browser.

Thankfully my pre-order is now secure and I just have to pray that nothing else will go wrong between now and the games release.

unfortunately, the mind does tend to wander, and now a lot of worst case scenarios are popping into my head.

Being a mature rated game, the series is known for it’s inclusion of skimpy & silly alternative costumes. if a game is going to end up getting a 18+ rating from the violence and gore, why not go all the way and throw in some T & A as well.

Something of an expected inclusion for Japanese titles. And sadly, considering how sensitive western sensitivities have degraded over the past few years it’s likely we’ll see outrage culture vomit it’s usual bile about objectification, virtual misogyny and whatever rhetoric the gaming press clique are parroting that week.


It’s getting really old reminding people that videogames aren’t actually real.

Nintendo are already in a delicate state recently with the underperforming Wii U and the heartbreaking change in management. It’s in their best interests to drum up as much positive publicity as possible for a title which has all the odds stacked against it.

you can tell where this is going.  if Nintendo end up censoring and removing the skimpy outfits from the western release it’ll come as a surprise to no one. it makes me absolutely livid that the current state of gaming press has this kind of influence over an entity which is actually respected and well liked.

This is obviously speculative conjecture, but we’ve seen the same clique of nudity loathing hipsters attack even the most innocuous of games. When Tomodachi Life was brought out in the west there was a bizarre outcry over the removal of homosexual elements. There’s simply no pleasing these people. Does a game aimed at children really benefit from this feature? There needs to be more outcry over unethical monetisation of games and less over pathetic juvenile identity politics.

I really feel for Nintendo. They truly are caught between a rock and a hard place.

One of the big red flags for me was a new trailer for the game dubbed “extremely spoopy trailer”

If your not aware, Spoopy is a memetic Tumblr buzzword. The kind of language I’d least expect to see in promotional material for a game starring scantily clad women. Smells like one of the progressive elite from the videogames loathing games press has infiltrated a PR position at Nintendo.



The latest bonus costumes announcement hints more toward the removal of the more risque ones in the original release.

Zero suit Samus & Zelda are both awesome inclusions, but they shouldn’t be used as replacements because of triggered mental infants. It’s the long running standard of changing a game to appeal to people who wouldn’t be buying it in the first place.


Even the admirable Samus Aran isn’t safe from the petty agenda of the `progressive` press.


Despite Fatal Frame being a big target for the aforementioned type of people, I hope it makes it to western shores unscathed. What type of media we should and shouldn’t be allowed to consume cant be decided by a group of fringe lunatics.



I wrote this article in the morning before heading to work. And the very first bit of information i encounter when i get home is the sad news that the skimpy outfits have been removed from the english release.

It’s a sad state of affairs and I’ve exhaustively covered it. Hopefully now the focus can move onto the game itself. Looking forward to my copy of the game in the post.


Or whats left of it.


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