Devil May Cry: Definitive Edition

March 20, 2016 | 820 Views


In my recent limbo stage of gaming, struggling to find a game to get me hooked and invested. I turned to the reboot of the Devil May Cry franchise, did it manage to get me engaged though? let’s find out!

I initially avoided picking up the Devil May Cry reboot, purely because I wasn’t that interested when it was first revealed or released. It was only after I found myself in a Gaming Limbofitting right, that I decided to come back to the franchise and give the Definitive edition a try. Unfortunately, since I never played the original I cannot compare the two, so I’ll only be referring to my first impressions of the game as it is now. In regards to the Limbo I previously mentioned, I’ve been stuck in a rut for a while now, struggling to get engaged with any games or really find myself that keen to play them. Thus the hiatus from publishing reviews and the likes. So when I chose this game I was really hoping to get lucky and find something that will keep me engaged and interested from start to finish. I already know the plot, well its foggy now as I read up on it quite some time ago, so my main focus isn’t the story but more so the gameplay. Games like Bayonetta and Asuras Wrath had excellent combat and I’m hoping that Devil May Cry has the same. I’m feel that I’m looking for a liner experience that I can progress through without having to constantly worry about things like additional quests and the likes which may take a lot of time to complete. So yeah, I guess I’m expecting a bit much from the game in regards to what it has to offer but at the same time very little complexity in the game itself. I really want a simple yet engaging experience and in all honesty, this article won’t have the answers to that question as that will be covered in the review, but in the mean time I can discuss what my first impressions are with it from the first few hours of gameplay.

I’m going to briefly run over a few aspects of the game before I give my verdict, which are as follows: Combat, Missions and Gameplay, Presentation and Style and some of My General Thoughts.


As I said earlier, I had hoped that Devil May Crys combat would be similar to Bayonetta and Asuras Wrath and its likely that it would be considering the original Devil May Cry titles were in my eyes. The combat is easy to pick up and get started but requires some skill to put together neat combos to ensure you can rack up enough style points for a good overall score for your combat of that level. This is made easier by allowing weapons to be switched at ease, by holding the bumper buttons respectively to briefly toggle their use. I think this allows combat to flow smoother as there’s no need to pause the game to swap between weapons which is far better and provides far more opportunities to string together powerful and effective combos to make quick work of enemies. Overall, from what I have experienced thus far I think the combat is great, simple to pick up and provides for some engaging fights, albeit easy to swap from timing combos to button mashing in no time at all.

Mission and Gameplay

The mission to mission style of progression is good, it entices players to go back and replay levels once they have obtained new gear and abilities, or at least this happens within the first few missions. Not only that but players who are keen to getting the best possible score will return to previous missions to try and best their previous score over and over until they are satisfied with the outcome. The missions themselves aren’t overly long and quite linear, they do offer some exploration to those who wish to collect collectibles, do optional tasks and the likes. So for those who are primarily focusing on the story or just hammering through missions can easily do so without worrying about getting lost in the level.

Presentation and Style 

Overall Devil May Cry looks great, although for the definitive edition I do think it could look a bit tighter, since I never played the original game I don’t feel that I can’t fairly compare the two either so I won’t be going into the FPS or the likes. In regards to characters, environments and the likes I’d say it all looks great but at the same time I’m unsure if I’m a fan of the overall style of the game. I’m maybe being bias due to being a fan of the original series but I prefer a darker and grittier style to the game and I felt that the originals nailed this far better. I know this is a reboot and they aren’t going to just rinse and repeat but I do feel that I’d of liked this approach better in comparison to what they went ahead with. Maybe the overall presentation and style of the game will grow on me throughout my playthrough but at the time I’m still a fan of the original titles style.

My thoughts during the first few hours

These are just some points that were going through my mind during my first encounter with the game, may be a bit repetitive but I’m sharing them nonetheless.

  • Dante’s new look is a bit wild and I’m unsure if I’m a fan, more of a ponse than anything else and doesn’t feel as badass as the original Dante. Thus I went for the DMC1 skin from the get go. Although by the second mission, I started to not really feel the love for this skin and reverted back to the original by the third mission. Maybe it will grow on me.
  • Hardcore Mode, on the hardest difficulty available from a new game, some of the harder modes do seem like they could be fud but it really depends on how enjoyable the game is on the first run, if it’s not good I don’t see me investing time in the harder modes for the sake of trophies.
  • Hardcore Mode (Nephilim) started off quite easy and as things progress it did seem to make some fights a bit harder but more often than not it just felt like some of the enemies were dragged out for longer than they were required.
  • Turbo mode almost seems essential as things feel to slow normally, maybe not on higher difficulties, but only time will tell as I play through the game.
  • First mission was decent, didn’t feel like it was a incredibly boring tutorial section as it had some meat to it and the hunter boss was a nice touch. More so as I was expecting to have to fight it later on. I think this is important as nailing the tutorial / introduction section of any title is an important task to do. As if it’s done wrong it can set a negative tone for the rest of the game.
  • Combat is simple, yet fun, sometimes I do enjoy mercilessly tearing through enemies with little to no thought or effort. The incentive to put time into using combos is good, more points get you a better overall rank and nobody wants to do terrible all the time now do they. You can hack and slash every enemy with a no effort approach but I do actually prefer timing some combos up well to literally throw enemies all over the place, giving them little time to react. Although I do normally forget about the little devils… or should I say demons swarming in around me.
  • Sometimes the controls felt very sluggish and unresponsive, resulting in some cheap deaths and or Game Overs that I didn’t feel very fair on me.

Please note these are just some of my thoughts condensed for the Nice & Crispy, I’ll go into more detail on all my thoughts once I have given the game a fair chance and had a full playthrough of it.

Current Verdict

Devil May Cry is a good game, so far, and I feel it’s doing enough to keep me engaged as is and hopefully continues to do so throughout the rest of the playthrough. I’ve already stated that I have little interest in the story at the moment, this may change as I get into the game but my main interest was the combat and gameplay. If you’re looking for a game to pass some time and want a third person run and gun / hack and slash style of game to do so then I’d recommended picking this up. I paid £15 for my copy, at that price you cannot really complain but all I can say is that I doubt I’d of paid full price for this game. I reference the originals a lot and to be fair I really only properly played the first two, the third and fourth are two I haven’t ever touched. So maybe I’m just neglecting and somewhat bashing this title due to the memories with the first game. Who knows maybe the reboot will actually grow on me… Well, only one way to find out. Stay tuned for the full review.

You can check out some of my Gameplay here, be aware, there is much button bashing going on as it gets into a tedious part of the mission…. But anyway, as always we’d love to know your thoughts on this write up and this game, so please let us know in the comments below!

|  Jordan Smith

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