Dying Light

March 26, 2015


So to avoid going into too much detail now I’ll just highlight some of my thoughts about the game so far.

The game plays really well and takes little to no time at all to get used to the controls, once you get to grips with the basics you’ll find yourself navigating the city with ease and managing to explore all that the city has to offer you.


Combat is straight forward and the skill tree makes you as the player feel stronger as the game goes on and you level up due to the skills and perks you can unlock, providing different ways to handle enemies and strengthening your character allowing them to endure more pain and become more agile. Some of the moves you unlock as you become stronger allow great opportunities to pull off epic kills, one of which is the drop kick, which you can use to easily take out enemies on roof tops by punting them off the side of a building to their demise. This alone can save time, ammo or weapon durability which is always a bonus.


The difficulty of the game is varied I’d say, sometimes it can be difficult to get through a horde of enemies but it really comes down to how you utilise your weapons and how you handle enemies because if you go running into things you’re going to have a bad time.

To be honest I’ve not felt overly challenged so far or gotten to a point which I haven’t been able to do fairly quickly. Although I’m expecting the game to get more difficult as I progress through the story so I’ll hopefully be able to go into more detail on this in my full review.


Two things I really enjoy about this game so far are the crafting and Parkour aspects of it and that’s because.

  • Crafting makes looting feel rewarding knowing that you can create plenty of neat weapons and supplies when you need them most and its always interesting to see what you can come up with.
  • Running about the city, traversing building and just generally being able to swiftly navigate around enemies and obstacles makes you as a player feel like you are totally in control meaning you aren’t limited to specific routes that could take ages to get through due to the fact that if you can climb it, you can take that route. It makes exploring the city a joy and provides a lot of interesting gameplay, especially at night time.


To be totally honest, I don’t have much negative points to highlight at the moment.

In regards to the story, so far it’s alright, although it’s predictable it’s not exactly terrible. I don’t feel engaged with it or even that bothered about what’s happening but I think it may grow on me as the game goes on.

Story Summary

A brief summary to the prologue of the game is as follows: Crane, an undercover operative working for GRE, drops into the city of Harran aiming to retrieve a sensitive file stolen from them by a man called Kadir Sulemian. Shortly after landing and being ambushed by a gang of bandits the infected attack and bite Crane, resulting in becoming infected and in the midst of it all becoming involved with a group of survivors who take refuge in a safe zone called the tower. The game does start off slow to ease you into it but it doesn’t take that long till things speed up a bit.

After meeting some of the survivors it’s not long before you are working with them to gain their trust and after a few jobs you’re able to get back on track with your main objective and this is where the story kicks off.

Wrapping Things Up

The games supposedly got about 50 hours of gameplay including the DLC which sounds amazing, especially for a game like this. I’m looking forward to playing the rest of the game and seeing what it has to offer.

To be totally honest I’d already recommended picking this game up if you’re a fan of open world RPG styled survival games, but if you’re interested in hearing more about my thoughts on this game then subscribe to get notified when my full review comes out! And while you wait for that why not check out some of my other videos!

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