Fallout 4 Impressions

November 14, 2015 | 822 Views


Notice: Minor spoilers throughout!

Fallout 4 was a game I was eager to play from the moment details of its development were released. It only feels like yesterday when I caught the first glimpse of information about the upcoming installment.

So lets talk Fallout…

I’m only a few hours into the game and that time has mostly been spent exploring the wastelands, working on strengthening sanctuary and dabbling in and out of the campaign missions. I say that because I’ve found it so easy to get caught up in side quests and just generally exploring every possible area of a building or location. Just exploring in general can lead you into random quests and the likes or even just small events that could kick off a large scale fight or the likes. Nothing feels forced and I enjoy that, you have full control over what you want to do, there may be some restrictions but as the player if you want to wander the map exploring before doing anything else then whose going to stop you?

The games introduction was quite different compared to the usual, I was actually quite fond of it as it really set the tone for the story and made the story have more meaning. With a main character who isn’t just a silent protagonist, you feel more involved in the story in comparison to previous titles, this also makes the character feel more real. Emotions, drive and goals can be shown through the character and it makes all your decisions during dialogue sequences more interesting as they will be spoken out rather than just text based. Back to the topic at hand, the introduction was probably my favourite thus far in the Fallout series. It really emphasises just how alone the main character is, taken away from his home and family and once he’s back in the real world over 200 years have passed and the world has been thrown into chaos. Your’e oblivious to all of the current issues of the world and the state of it in general, other than knowing that the “end of the world” had came and potentially wiped out all of those who failed to be located to vaults.

Theres just something about Fallout games that I love, I personally never feel forced to do any missions or quests, I feel as if I have complete freedom in what I want to do each and every time I play. I’m still focusing on exploration and side quests as opposed to rushing into the main missions. Each time I’ve played so far, a few missions, exploring and catering to Sanctuarys needs is all I really get done and I’m totally fine with that. Normally I’d get a tad annoyed if I made little progress each time I played a game as it can feel daunting, but I guess that’s more targeted at games that I want done and dusted in comparison to games that I don’t want to end any time soon… if that makes sense.

Even if I’m just clearing a base, scavenging a location for goods or just prowling the wasteland. Everything feels important, I don’t feel like I have to do anything, I just want to do it. In some games exploring and looking for items can quickly bore me, with Fallout it doesn’t happen, no idea why but that’s a good thing.

Gameplay and the likes…

The gameplay of Fallout is excellent as usual and I personally can’t fault it, I haven’t encountered anything that’s irritated or phased me as of yet. In regards to combat, controls and the likes. The approach to handling missions, exploring, crafting and the likes is excellent and it really expands on what the game has to offer. Making new weapons and utilising the spares for scraps to utilise elsewhere (Sanctuary elements, clothing upgrades etc) allows you to make every item feel unique and can make for some quite interesting weapons. On the topic of weaponry one thing I’m uncertain on was the fact that the weapon deterioration aspect from Fallout 3 seems to be gone now, on one hand this is a good thing and another it’s bad. It removes the need to keep repairing weapons or even valuing them as much as you would in prior titles and to be honest it removes some of the challenge. But it is also good because some of your most prized items won’t fall to pieces within a few uses, which is great!

Your own Sanctuary…

You now have bases in which you can kit out to keep dwellers at, putting up defence turrets, guard posts and much more to ensure your “base” is safe as possible. You know, for when the raiders come to pillage your goods and take your friends away. I feel that this customisation option expands on the game quite drastically, although its time consuming I thoroughly enjoy building on my main base and making it look as nice and neat as possible. Once again, I actually enjoy doing it and I don’t feel like its a chore doing so. Thankfully because if it was the later the game would be a very different experience thus far.

Those Graphics…

Graphically I think the game looks great, It’s not exactly breath taking but graphics isn’t my biggest worry in games, sure I do prefer the visuals to be of a high quality but I’m more focused on the gameplay and story. I have came across some minor issues such as items overlapping with surrounding elements, characters holding “invisible” guns and the likes but these are minor inconveniences at most in my eyes. Other than that I’m loving the style this game has and I think the graphics are excellent.

Bugs… other than those pesky Radroaches 

No games perfect and I’m yet to see the day when a modern title releases without any bugs at all. Sometimes bugs or glitches can be game breaking and create a horrible experience for some players during their playthrough, whether that’s presentation bugs, gameplay bugs or bugs that wipe entire games saves by corruption and the likes. Bugs like this can turn people away from a game entirely and gamers have seen quite a few prowl up recently. Luckily, I haven’t encountered any as of recent and especially with Fallout 4, my game saves have been safe hooray! (Chancing my luck there…). But I have noticed some visual hiccups during my game such as Dogmeat falling through parts of the environment, sitting almost vertically on walls whilst gnarling at me, or as I like to imagine it… smiling. Bar stuff like this I have occasionally saw NPCs strolling around that are appearing to hold weapons but in reality are holding “Air Guns”… (See what I did there!!!) Jokes aside, things like that never really phase me as its not effecting the gameplay at all so I still have a smooth playthrough. Hopefully these sorts of bugs will get patched but its not really anything to worry about in my eyes.

My Favorite part so far… V.A.T

Hands down without a doubt there is nothing more satisfying in this game than doing a V.A.T shot from close up with a shotgun and blowing somethings brains out! (Distance shots are good to, but they don’t quite feel as good) I was basically jumped last night, one side of the street had Super Mutants and the other had a pack of raiders. Missile’d the crap out of those mutants and used my double barrel shotgun  and V.A.T’d the raiders one by one. It was a dangerous approach as I took damage and almost died but I didn’t each enemy so I managed to survive the ordeal. V.A.T King!

The verdict?

So, if you’re already into the series then I don’t really need to tell you to get this game as I can guarantee you already have it or will be getting it. Fallout, as always does a good job of introducing players into the game and its made easier due to the fact theres no huge back story to catch up on from previous titles. All the information about this game, is more or less within it and its upto you about just how much you want to learn about the lore and the likes of this title. You could spend countless hours reading through terminal logs and notes, or you could completely ignore them and keep scavenging. Thats your choice and as I said before, your’e not forced to do either. Fallout 4 is an experience that you ultimately craft, if you want to focus on the campaign as opposed to venturing a bit first or vice versa then its totally your choice.

I personally think that Fallout 4 is an excellent entry into the Fallout franchise and is an excellent starting point for both new and familiar gamers alike, you don’t need to have played any of the previous titles to understand the story or how to play the game as its something you pick up quite easily as you go. If your’e into open world games with a heavy focus on exploration, scavenging and combat then this game is for you. Its easily one of my favourite games of this genre and I could not recommend it enough. Also, for Xbox One fans you get a sneaky copy of Fallout 3 for a digital download… what more can you want? Essentially two games for the price of one. Its a shame the PS4 couldn’t offer the same, but who knows maybe one day!

So to summarise…

Fallout 4 is an excellent entry to the franchise and once again offers an excellent, immersive and engaging experience that I often find myself being dragged into and loosing track of time. It’s a game that you can spend hours just clearing buildings of enemies and still feel incredibly satisfied with your progression. Minor bugs aside the game looks and plays great and is definitely something you shouldn’t miss to both fans and newcomers alike. If you haven’t caved yet then its definitely one for the Christmas list! Your a free man or woman in this game, so get out there and lay waste to the wasteland!

As always we’d love to know your thoughts on Fallout 4, is it what you expected, if not more? Lets us know in the comments below!


Update: Carrying over the odds – 14/11/2015

If your scavenging for good’s and find yourself carrying more than you can handle, transfer all those goodies you want or need to hold onto for the camp to your companion. It’s a good way to ensure you can still carry all the essentials with you whilst clearing out areas without having to sacrifice all of your hard earned goods! Just don’t get carried away as we all have our limits.


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