The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes

December 3, 2015 | 690 Views


I’ve sank about 3 hours into the game thus far and wanted to share my initial impressions. I briefly sampled the single player and have tried out download play, local wireless and internet play with strangers and friends.


Needless to say, multiplayer Zelda is something of an acquired taste.

Mario translates a lot better to multiplayer as it’s a much simpler premise which excels on accessibility and playfulness.

Zelda is more known for its atmospheric world and exploration.

This entry is a much more light-hearted affair. There’s even more humor and jokes then most entries, and the structure is zone based instead. Similar to how 4 Swords Adventures plays, where the game feels like sets of linear dungeon.

It’s easy to see how a lot of Zelda fans could be put off by the multiplayer design. Aside from the huge change in structure, the gameplay tone is more ambivalent cooperation than it is immersive fantasy.

character art

Despite perceived caveats, I love multiplayer Zelda and can’t get enough of it.

Tri Force Heroes makes a lot of good strides toward accessibility with its blazing fast load times, menus and connections. You won’t be left waiting for long no matter what mode you play. And thankfully the game isn’t a new 3DS exclusive.

I initially played the demo of the title, and then download play from another friends copy. And I was happy to see that all the items I had gained carried across when I started my own file. Plus, I was given collectibles for playing download play with some other friends who didn’t own the game. Good incentive to drag your friends along.

There’s a modest little village in the game where you can manage costumes and speak to characters before embarking on quests. It has some mini-games and easter eggs but not too much else.

One difference with the levels between this title and 4 Swords Adventures, is that these are a lot shorter. They still dole out items on a level exclusive basis for its own design, but the zones are much shorter here, likely designed for portable play.

This is a godsend when playing online. Obviously there’s the phobia of disconnections and losing out on loads of progress and time spent. But when everyone votes for a level/mission and you don’t get the one you want, it’s brief until you get to vote again.

The brief play sessions also help alleviate any trolling or unskilled players you might bump into online. Health is actually shared between all three players so most pranks are limited to being thrown in the water or deliberately misunderstanding the puzzles to aggravate. (Or maybe some people are actually that dumb)

The bottom screen is dedicated to cartoony shout outs you can use to communicate with other players in a rudimentary fashion. They got the job the done in earlier levels, but I can see harder levels becoming quite the headache if the complexity ascends.

bottom screen

Spammage of the pom poms is always guaranteed a chuckle. As is using the `thumbs up` whenever a player messes up.

I’ll keep this brief since I haven’t played enough to dedicate an entire review. If you have even a slight curiosity on how a multiplayer Zelda might play, have no hesitation in picking it up. It’s infectiously hilarious behaving like a goof with friends and the structure feels rewarding and full of value.

Solo players had best stick with a link between worlds. It’s a far cry from a standard Zelda title, and I doubt it will sate the appetite of gamers fervent for the upcoming Wii U entry.



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