The Wolf Among Us First Impressions

April 5, 2016 | 1131 Views


I saw The Wolf Among Us some time ago without thinking too much about it. However, when it turned out to be one of this month’s Gold Game titles, I just couldn’t help myself.

Whilst looking through my Xbox titles, The Wolf Among Us popped up and I began toying with the idea of giving it a shot! Well, that decision has lead us here, to my first impressions of The Wolf Among Us!

The Wolf Among Us is a five part episode series based on Fables (DC Comics/Vertigo), an award-winning comic book series by Bill Willingham. It is a violent, hard-boiled thriller in which the characters and creatures of myth, lore and legend are real! Furthermore, they exist and operate within our contemporary world. Your choices matter, changing and defining the story you experience.

A Brief Insight Into The Wolf Among Us

I’d previously played the Telltale title of The Walking Dead, both season one and two; Well most of the second season anyway… which reminds me, I seriously need to download the rest! Without any shadow of a doubt, I absolutely loved playing the episodic titles.

There’s just something about these games! I find myself so heavily engrossed that I always struggle to peel myself away! Perhaps it is the gameplay, the story line or just the meaningful interactions between characters that craft the story you play. I can’t quite put my finger on why, but I’m hooked every time.

I’m not going to lie, I walked into this expecting mediocrity…and boy was I wrong. Seriously wrong!

The Wolf Among Us is a point-and-click adventure game. You’re given control of the protagonist Bigby Wolf, allowing the player to freely move around in the environment, examine and interact with other characters or objects. It is a similar model of gameplay to that of The Walking Dead; In that the player has choice in their actions, or through conversation trees, that’ll ultimately influence future events in the story. Furthermore, these decisions and their consequences, affect events in future episodes! These major decisions include choosing to chase one culprit down whilst allowing the other to go free. 

Similar to The Walking Dead, these choices are recorded by Telltale. General statistics on the major decisions are then presented to the player after completing each episode, allowing other payers to compare their take on the story. Telltale have engineered these choices to affect parallel events within the narrative, such as choosing whom to help first between two people and learning later that if the player had chose to help the second person, this would have been more beneficial to the player.

The Wolf Among Us Gameplay Summary


The Wolf Among Us gets you quickly engrossed in its story and characters

It didn’t take long before I found myself utterly hooked, the story quickly had me wrapped up in both the current situation and the characters themselves. Similar to their The Walking Dead title, I often found myself struggling with decisions when progressing through the game. However, I’ll admit that the choices in The Walking Dead series, were far more brutal. Regardless, I still found myself questioning decisions only moments after they were made.

One thing that always intrigues me are the characters reactions regarding choices the player makes. I always feel bad when they dislike a decision I’ve made or when you see the disappointment in their face. Actual emotional investment in the characters is one thing that Telltale have nailed! The responses you get can be so devastating at times, so much so, that I often feel guilty about some of the choices I make. This makes those decisions and their consequences relevant and real.

I think these responses and the effect they have helps emphasise the importance of each move you make, because it will directly affect the rest of the game. This factor alone, will mould the rest of the game from that point on.

What makes this game special?


Acting on impulse can make you regret your decisions later down the line. Characters often twist your thoughts in the heat of the moment, making you question what is the right thing to do?

  • The weight of each decisions really makes you feel the effect behind what you do and don’t do. The Characters in the game don’t let you forget the things you do throughout the game and as I’ve said, each decision ultimately tailors the story around you to suit your chosen path.
  • Engaging story, keeps the player hooked, wanting to learn more and well paced. I only stopped playing at 2am this morning, so I could get up at 6am to watch The Walking Dead finale… worth it.
  • Exploration, both in regards to your surroundings and the dialogue branches, are rewarding to the player and spurs the player on to go out of their way to explore all possibilities where possible.
  • The comparison between other players choices and your own is a neat addition, it allows you to see who else reacted in a similar fashion to yourself. Sometimes showing just how good or evil you have been during an episode. It allows you to reflect on previous choices and gives you the chance to look over the vital aspects of each episode.

Although to be fair, I think the above points are applicable to most of Telltale games!

The Current Verdict

At the moment, I’m personally struggling to find anything that I dislike about the game. The pacing is done so well. Although the episodes are quite meaty they don’t drag on and become boring.

So far the game has done an excellent job of conveying the story based on player choice. If you’re into slow-paced point and click adventure games, then this game is perfect for you! If you’ve played any of their other games like The Waking Dead or the likes, then I’d suggest looking into this right away! Even more so when it is free on the Xbox One Marketplace with Games for Gold this month!

I’ll be back with a full review of this game upon completion, so stay tuned! As always, be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments below or somewhere on one of our networks! Peace!

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