Alien Isolation

March 27, 2015


Please note that this review will contain spoilers, so if you are currently playing through the game or you plan to then I advise you wait until you have done so before viewing the video or reading this article.


The controls are very easy to pick up and familiarise yourself with. As a character Amanda plays as you’d expect and never once in the entire game feels over powered due to the fact almost everything on board the station, with the exception of other humans is more than capable of killing you with ease. In my play through I saw human characters a very limited amount of times and really only actually got into combat with them a few times and even when this happened the Alien made quick work of them and often me with them.

You got some decent weapons in the game but The addition of the flamethrower made for a perfect and essential weapon in the game as it was the only way, bar Molotov’s to tackle the Alien and prevent it from killing you. After I got this weapon I felt that the difficult decreased as I could often purposely provoke the Alien to come for me to then attack it, giving myself a chance to run and make an escape knowing that the Alien was temporarily gone. Although I had to take care when using it due to the fact that as soon as its ammo was depleted it was back to square one having to take great care and planning my moves before setting off. So I felt that it was more like a temporary defence weapon, giving you the upper hand for brief periods of time, I base that on the fact that I never really had a large amount of ammo for it and often found it running out quite quickly. There were sections in the game when this weapon was pretty much you’re only way of guaranteeing your survival, such as in the first nest due to the fact there were two Aliens and face huggers scattered around. Face huggers can be killed with other weapons but switching them whilst on the move and being on the lookout for any Aliens proved to be too risky.

The other main enemy in the game that proved to be a pain throughout were the Androids. It was quite annoying that melee attacks didn’t have any effect until you had the stun baton to render them defenceless whilst you lay into them. Although, if you had ammo to spare and could avoid the Alien you could make quick work of them, but sometimes it’s just easier to avoid them entirely as they do consume ammo, time and health if they get a hold of you. If they weren’t already bad enough, later on in the game you come across some that have protective suits on which makes them immune to the baton and EMP mines. The only way you could take them out was with the Bolt Gun, which was handy but needs to be charged before you can shoot which makes it quite hard to use when up close.

On the topic of these bastards, just after the you escape the nest you come into a section that has plenty of them following you around. I had no way of taking them out and just had to keep running and hoping for the best.

In regards to the games difficulty in general, it was difficult due to the saving system but it never felt over the top as once you got used to the game and how it works things did become easier. I played the game on Normal so I can imagine hard mode would be a pain to go through, I also noticed that there is an achievement for not dying once in the game… that one can go fuck itself. I’d like to try, but I don’t know if I could handle getting so far through the game to then die and waste all that time.


Things I like

  • The Stealth, although there were many times I’d find myself hiding or waiting for what felt like ages just to make one move which often resulted in my death. The whole stealth aspect of the game was enjoyable as it added to the atmosphere. The game utilised stealth well highlighting just how alone and defenceless you are against the Alien. This is what made the game appear scary, it wasn’t jump scares or over the top gore. It was the whole hide and seek element to the game knowing that the Alien was almost constantly hunting you and that any noise or action you did within reason could and more than likely would alert the alien resulting in death or a mad dash to safety.
  • The Alien, I was quite fond of the way the Alien worked and how it hunted the player. Although it was meant to be unpredictable there were a few instances where it carried out the same paths which made it a bit easier to plot your next month. But for the majority of the game it was unpredictable and more often than not I’d find myself walking into a room I deemed safe to then find the Alien right in front of me.
  • The Emphasis on Amanda’s isolation, throughout the game its highlighted just how isolated you are. Although you do meet some friendly characters you pretty much never see them and for the other people and characters you meet the majority of them will kill you on sight. By the end of the game you are completely alone, although it is brief it adds to the intensity. It makes you feel alone and well and truly in fear for your safety as you have nobody to turn to, nobody to assist you and for once it’s all down to you. Even though that was pretty much the case throughout the game anyway.

Things I didn’t like

  • Androids strength, these were fine enemies to come up against although they were a pain, especially the ones with hamzmat like suits on as they were immune too various weapons that the normal androids would be stunned on left open to attack with.
  • More than one Alien hunting you, I felt that this was a tad unfair. Although I never really encountered this situation often I still felt as if it tipped the scales a bit as not only could there be an Alien on foot hunting you but there could also be one in a nearby vent waiting for you to walk under it.


To conclude on this review, I think that Alien is a great game, in comparison to previous entries to this franchise it is excellent and I would highly recommend playing this title. Although, if you don’t like games where saving isn’t done automatically and that one slip up could result in up to an hours’ worth of gameplay being wasted pushing you back to that last save point then I probably wouldn’t recommend it as it would end up causing you stress resulting in the overall experience not being great. Personally, if you utilise save points carefully and often this won’t be as much of an issue.

Although there are times where you can’t save it, you do die and you then have to repeat little to huge sections of the game over and over. Although this can become tedious incredibly quickly it also gives you the chance of trial and error, you can see what works, what doesn’t work, and asses the worth of collecting loot and valuables and once you know the section well enough you can quickly navigate your way through it with ease.

On that note, if you’re considering buying this game, then you should as its not one to miss even more so if you’re a fan of the Alien franchise. Before or after this game, if you haven’t already you should watch the Alien movies as they are classics and it’s a good way to get hyped for the game or to just relax and enjoy after it.

The Verdict


The Story -

The Gameplay -

The Experience -

The Presentation -

The Sound -

The Value For Money -

I Give This Game A

/ 10

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