Dying Light

April 8, 2015


Sadly, after writing the review I forgot to save the latest version or I’ve somehow lost it. 

So, I’m going to add what I have below and some more! but if you want the full review check out the video above!

Gameplay – Day & Night

During the day it’s easier to roam the city and scavenge for supplies required to craft weapons and sell for money towards purchasing other items. This is mostly due to the fact that the infected are slower, weaker and only some of them will actually chase you with a great deal of effort. These infected are highlighted on the mini map with a red icon. These bad boys don’t give in and will keep coming at you till one of you die or you just keep running till you escape it. Other than these and the larger bulkier enemies not many of them pose a real challenge unless you get trapped in a horde with little to no weapons or supplies meaning that they could make quick work of you.

In my opinion it’s also easier to clear safe zones during the day as you can see everything more clearly and using weapons or items that create noise or the likes are less likely to attract anything threatening.

Night time sections of this game are intense, without daylight the infected become more accurate, gain the ability to sprint and have an increase in strength. The infected can also traverse buildings and obstacles similar to the player at night meaning that it becomes a lot harder to escape once you have been noticed.

Noise and your flashlight are two things that will get you noticed quicker, meaning that if you want to navigate safely during the night you need to utilise the “survivor sense” technique to highlight infected nearby hiding in the dark to ensure you do not cross their paths.  One of the main threats of the nights are the infected named Volatiles, or at least until you become stronger and have a stronger arsenal of weaponry at your disposal.


  • Throwing Parkour into the mix makes the gameplay all the more interesting as you’re not limited or restricted as to what path you want to take and it makes navigating the city a lot more enjoyable as well due to the fact you can tackle each journey in different ways. You can free run your way to an objective avoiding most enemies that come your way or you can drop down and take some out. This means you can avoid having to battle large groups of enemies when you desire but the game will throw you in some situations where you have no choice but to fight.


  • A very picky point, the voice actor for the main character just makes it feel as if it’s Chris Redfield or a deeper voiced Sonic scampering about. It’s not the worst I guess, the voice actors shown in the earlier trailers were awful so this change is a plus.


  • Death doesn’t always feel like there is any real consequence. You lose survivor points but you always get taken to the last safe house / area you were at. With the mission objective staying the same meaning that you could sometimes skip having to cross a section of the map to finish off a mission, which is good, but at the same time it may mean you have t traverse that section all over again to get back to where you were.
  • The main character comes out of nowhere and within little time acts as if he is a force to be reckoned with. I know in some cases this is due to the mission but sometimes It just seems odd. An example is when he tells one of the people he is collecting money off of for Rais that he could easily burn the safe zone down if they don’t do as he says. I think if he started trying to set anything on fire these guys could easily take him out.

Occasionally after turning the game off, when I’d load it on the next time I play it I’d sometimes find myself spawning right at the next mission rather than the last safe area I was in. This was actually pretty handy when it happened as it saved some time.

Dying Light Be the Zombie!

When I eventually got round to playing some of the “Be the Zombie” mode I wasn’t sure what to expect, I initially thought it meant you were just in on someone’s campaign play through  hunting them as they went about their game, obviously with some restrictions to what they could do whilst a hunter was invading the game.

But it’s safe to say I was shocked. The Online versus mode so to speak is basically an objective game, the hunter has to kill the player 10 tens in order to win the match, whereas the player (enemy) has to make their way around the area taking out 5 Nests to win.

This means that things can get intense very quickly due to the fact that if the player is trying to keep track of you and go straight for the nests you could have some trouble taking him down before he gets the better hand. But if the enemy is just running without paying any attention to your location he is more than likely going to die before he gets very far.

The zombie controls well and is very agile meaning that it is easy for him to traverse areas quickly, ever more so due to the “Tendril Locomotion” which provides similar functionality to the player’s grappling hook but on a much greater scale. This is due to it having a longer target range and it has no down time meaning if your being chase you can run, or should I say SWING circles around him.

The player still has the UV light which means if there are facing you they can block your pounce attack, essentially a one hit kill if done from behind or on an unaware enemy. The zombie features several other attacks and skills that can be unlocked or strengthened as you progress through the online mode such as spitting, ground pounds and much more.

Having the skill tree available to the zombie character makes the online mode more interesting due to the fact leveling up is rewarding and you can strengthen yourself the more you play. As opposed to playing as a zombie with a standard set of skills throughout as seen in other games.

To be totally honest I thought the online mode to Dying Light was a breath of fresh air and quite humorous with the zombies Tendril agility. That alone made the online mode amazing and provided many hilarious chases between myself and other online players.

To avoid repeating myself, I’ll briefly mention some points I did & didn’t like about this mode of the game.


  • Agile and able to traverse areas quickly providing for intense chases for the hunter.
  • The Zombies controls are slick and agile creating tense moments where you hunt
  • The entire look and feel of this mode brings back memories of Left 4 Dead in all the right ways.


  • Struggled to get into matches, when I did most players left almost instantly.
  • Yeah, that’s it… I don’t have much to say about what I didn’t like as overall it provided a good online multiplayer experience.

Like I said guys, best to watch the review on this one. Included some stuff I cut from the video in here but its more or less the same.

Let me know your thoughts below!

The Verdict


The Story -

The Gameplay -

The Experience -

The Presentation -

The Sound -

The Value For Money -

I Give This Game A

/ 10

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