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October 24, 2017 | 521 Views


Before I start on the review, be sure to check out my first impressions on this game, as I won’t be going over that in this review. So, as you have probably assumed, I’ve just recently finished The Evil Within 2. So its time to do my follow up review! Please note that there will be some spoilers in this, primarily ones that are related to the end of the game. I won’t be discussing much else in regards to the game’s plot or the like, so please play the game first if you wish to avoid ruining anything for yourself!


The Evil Within 2 makes some welcome changes that make it stand out from the first game, some players aren’t overly keen on them but I fail to see why. Although the new approach seems a little bit less intense in comparison to the first instalment, I feel that this hasn’t hindered the game at all. The first game almost instantly threw you into a frantic start and quickly put you in harm’s way, whereas this time they took some time to set the story and get the ball rolling… and I think it goes without saying that there was going to be some sort of run or die type of scenario shortly after taking control of Sebastian similar to the first game. So you can they still wanted to keep you on the edge of your seat from the get-go.

The Evil Within was more of a linear experience going from A to B with small segments of exploration littered throughout your journey, it made every encounter terrifying, space was limited and resources were incredibly scarce. Although The Evil Within 2 swaps the linear experience for more of an open world approach, they still manage to make it as deadly as the first game. The game hub world to speak is split up of a few sections in which you can explore the area(s), carry out optional missions, scavenge resources and lay waste to all that stand in your path.The hub world sections are split up with an area called the Marrow which acts as a method of navigation from one area of Union to another that is not accessible by simply walking there. These sections are more confined spaces that are plagued with enemies that are mostly within tight areas difficult to navigate areas that will make you think twice before you run into any room.

The Evil Within 2’s new approach is one that I have really enjoyed, the open world added a new dynamic to the game that allowed you to explore till your heart was content, collect resources and really engage with the world around you. I personally feel that this helped break the pacing of the game up a little, the optional missions enabled you to push you out of your comfort zone with the enticing offer of a reward for carrying out few tasks for the “friends” you make throughout your journey within the Union. Scattering certain resources like ammo pouches and weapons throughout Union that were obtainable from fallen Mobius members or abandoned armoury rooms made the whole process of strengthening your arsenal feel more natural.

I have seen the game receiving criticism over this new approach and some stating that if worrying about upgrades becomes more important to you than the enemies then something has gone wrong with the game… I just don’t get it. The first game utilised a similar approach but now has simplified it by splitting up the way that upgrades are handled by using the Green Gel for personal abilities, weapon parts for upgrading your arsenal and materials for crafting items. This makes a lot more sense in my eyes and if anything makes the desire to explore, fight and carry out optional missions even more enticing. In a game like this, the option to be able to scour your surroundings to collect material for healing items and ammunition is excellent. At first, I thought it was going to make things too easy, but I got too greedy and realised that my crafting resources were in fact quite easy to use and left myself having to get quite tactical with the little rounds I have left quite a few times, not only that but the craft on the go option got me out of a few tight spots a few times.

THE EVIL WITHIN 2 Trailer (E3 2017)

I was wanting to do this spoiler free, but I just have to talk about one part of the game in particular that blew me away. The build-up near the end of the game with the fight with Father Theodore, it was pulled off so well and was beautifully intense in how it was delivered. Throughout the game, you are reminded of your time in Beacon hospital, your first journey into the STEM machine. These memories haunt you and torment you, this is often used against you throughout the game but as you get ready to confront Father Theodore, you realise its time to face these demons…literally.

Instead of fighting bog standard boss, you’re essentially pitted up against a boss rush of your finest demonic encounters from the first game. The Sadist, which is more or less just an interactive cutscene preparing your for a dual with the dreaded keeper. If you played the first game, you’ll know how much of a nightmare this guy is… but obviously it cannot be that easy, as you’ll have to deal with this guy three times. You’d imagine that this would be enough suffering, as you see him stumble down for the last time and as the blood pours from his head… you can just tell that something isn’t right and before you know it, Laura crawls out of the Keepers head and begins to come for you. Although you really had to finish the first game to understand this fight as much, it was epic nonetheless, the music got me hyped for the fight ahead and even though these two put me through hell in the first game. I thoroughly enjoyed fighting them, it was exhilarating and instead of feeling terrified for another encounter with these guys, I was ready to take them on. It was easily the best part of the entire game.

Visually, I felt that The Evil Within 2 was gorgeous, although there were some minor issues with textures loading during my first play through, those didn’t really phase me at all. The enemies look more gruesome than ever and seeing the previously mentioned bosses looking sharper than ever was amazing, all of the environments were stunning and the attention to detail was immaculate. The Evil Within 2 felt more colourful and vibrant than the first game, this felt like the right choice to make, although it did take away to doom and gloom feel that was persistent throughout the first game. I think it goes without saying that I really enjoyed this games music, some of the tracks that played throughout the game were brilliant… most definitely the credits and trailer track, it was so fitting and an excellent cover in general. Fortunately there were barely any game freezing issues or the likes, I only had at the most two instances in which my game froze and I had to reset it, luckily the auto save functionality lessened the damage that it had done.


The Verdict

"It's Time To Dive Back In"

The Story - 10

The Gameplay - 10

The Experience - 10

The Presentation - 10

The Sound - 10

The Value For Money - 10

I Give This Game A

10 / 10

Overall I think that The Evil Within 2 was an excellent game, it felt fresh, the new changes helped mix up the game and provided more of a focus on the games narrative ensuring that there was a fleshed out story along with excellent gameplay. Throughout the game there were a few instances in which I felt like I was watching a movie play out in front of me, it was really intense and exciting to play. Although these changes have reduced the intensity and gore factor the first game was filled with, I feel that these changes haven’t detracted from the game at all.

In order to really enjoy The Evil Within 2, you probably should play the first game before hand to ensure you can fully understand the story. Although I don’t feel that it is entirely necessary to do this to enjoy the game. Although there are still questions to be answered in the universe of The Evil Within, some clarity was brought to some of the previous unanswered questions that the first game left open.

If your’e looking for a solid survival horror game, then you should most definitely pick this up, I couldn’t recommend it enough. I really hope this isn’t the last we see of The Evil Within!

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