F1 2018 Review

August 17, 2018


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F1 2018 immerses players into the world of F1 more than ever before, with its gorgeous visuals and highly immersive gameplay. It has been my first time playing a proper racing game in quite some time, so I wasn’t sure as to what to expect, but it has been a thoroughly rewarding one. F1 2018 felt really easy to pick up and play thanks to its in-depth tutorials and engaging gameplay, I often found myself struggling to put it down.

Although F1 2018 is an easy game to pick up and play, by no means does that mean it is easy to master. Becoming “great” at games like F1 2018 takes time, dedication and patience. You need to really learn the controls, routes and ensure your car is always as optimised as it should be to give you the best performance it can. It can be a bit overwhelming the first time you start racing and you realise that it’s not as simple as getting from A to B in the quickest time possible, while that is the goal, there are many more factors that come into play that determine the results of your race(s).

If you approach each race without taking the time to analyse the course, your car and other details. Then you’re asking to fail because rushing right in will 9 times out of 10 not provide you with the results you wish for. If you take the time to drive quickly, but efficiently, avoiding conflicting with other drivers and the likes, ensuring any minor damages to the car are maintained and fixed whenever possible and finally playing it safe and not just hammering it down every single straight road you see ahead of you. It was a lesson that I sadly learnt the hard way, at the start I often found myself trying to break round tight corners thinking I’d be able to skid round, but more often than not I found myself spinning out on the grass or sand. You do get guided to ensure you can anticipate these routes more easily and best react to them, but if you’re not quick on the ball then chances are you’re already too late to save yourself from wasting precious time trying to get back into the swing of things.

Throughout the games career mode, you are often in-between time-pressured media interviews that offer the player dialogue branches to explore when speaking to the media. You’ll be asked questions by Claire (A new reporter on the scene) that put you on the spot, aiming to reflect what type of sportsman you are. Similar to other games that utilise this type of gameplay, you can’t always please everyone and sometimes your actions or lack thereof can have equally positive and negative effects on your team. It adds an extra level of complexity in the game and it was something that I was not expecting in all honesty, but I do feel that this has made the scenes between racing far more engaging and immersive. During the campaign, you’re trying to make sure you and your team get to the top, whilst stopping your main competitors from rising above you. In F1 2018, you have plenty of freedom to decide how your F1 career will go and just where it will take you, every decision you make throughout the campaign will impact your journey.

Your approach to these moments can determine how you are viewed in the paddock and by your team respectively. Some bosses may prefer drivers who stay level-headed and avoid offending other drivers and rivals, whereas others may prefer drivers who thrive in the spotlight and put on a show in front of the media helping to elevate their teams profile. Not only that but you can instruct your agent to look for swaps to other teams even mid-season, opening up even more possibilities on how you approach the game. To add another twist, you can challenge rival drivers to races, besting other drivers and achieving your goals only helps to fortify your reputation and set you out against the others.


The Verdict

"Get It"

The Story - 9

The Gameplay - 9

The Experience - 9

The Presentation - 9

The Sound - 8

The Value For Money - 9

I Give This Game A

9 / 10

It’s like anything in life, the more effort you put in, the better the reward is, those who put in the time and effort to master F1 2018 are the ones who will have the best experience with it. You’re rewarded for becoming more efficient and quick on your toes. If you’re looking for an engaging, immersive and highly enjoyable racing game, then F1 2018 is going to be right up your street. I would highly recommend this to both newcomers and hardcore fans of racing games.

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