Gears Of War Ultimate Edition The Beta

June 19, 2015



This will not follow the normal path for a review, due to the fact I’m covering the Beta of a video game which only gives access to the multiplayer section of the game. I’ll be reviewing what I have played and giving a sort of Preview / recommendation in regards to purchasing this title.

Okay, so you’re probably wondering why I’m reviewing a Beta of a game. But I decided against it to do a small, short and sweet review in regards to my experience with the Beta so far. Purely because after today I’m away doing Tough Mudder this weekend for a charity event so I won’t get to play it again.

When I first heard they were remastering Gears Of War one I thought “Oh another remaster… great”, to be fair there has been far too many remasters of games recently and it’s quite disappointing to see just how quickly these get churned out. The best example was the remaster of Final Fantasy X, to me it felt like days apart between bringing out the remastered version on the PS3 and the PS4. I’m well aware there was a time gap, but I don’t feel any sort of time gap does that justice. I’d have waited for the PS4 if I knew if it was coming to both consoles. But I digress.

Back to the topic at hand… Gears Of War

As I previously mentioned, initially the reveal of the re-release of this game never phased me at all. Sure, I’d likely of still have gotten it but I wasn’t excited or even interested in looking into it more than what I had seen. It wasn’t long after this I realised I had a Beta code for the game so I went and downloaded it and got set up just to test the waters. I had a little trouble getting the Beta to load after getting my all access pass which almost threw me off coming back on because of how limited I was for time, but fortunately the next night it worked straight away.

After the first few rounds online I was thinking the usual to myself “Oh its been so long I’m not used to the controls” and “These guys are already this level?!”. After getting thrown around like a rag doll I was beginning to lose hope. But I persisted and kept playing the match, then played some more matches after that one… within no time at all I had felt like I had been playing the game for ages and felt as if I was just as familiar with it as I was back during my time with Gears Of War 3.  Which is always a good thing, because there is nothing worse if you cannot get into a game somewhat quick as it can make the experience quite tiresome depending on your outlook.

I’m shocked with how quickly my outlook on this remaster had changed after playing the Beta for such a short amount of time. Sure this is only the Beta and it only features the multiplayer side to the game but to be fair that was enough to sell it to me. This is the first time in what feels like forever since I’ve played an online multiplayer game and thoroughly enjoyed myself. Sure, Dying Lights online was great but not quite the same as this, for obvious reasons. I’ve only played the Beta for a few hours, got to about level 5 (At the time of publishing this article) and in that time I’ve found myself having so many intense moments during matches where both teams are down to their last lives and it’s between me and the opposite teams last man standing duking it out with shotguns and fists. These moments create such a great atmosphere because even when I die, I’m still laughing over the fact how close it can be or how ridiculous these brawls can get. You can often finding you and the enemy rolling around the area trying to land shots and hits in but to no avail.

Playing this Beta has well and truly got my hyped for the remaster coming out and I will definitely be getting it now. After reminiscing about the story from the number one again I am quite excited to play through it once more. Especially with the updated graphics and look and feel to the game. Hopefully there are some other surprises coming along with it though!

I’m not going to go into great detail about the negative issues of this because it is a Beta and you’re obviously going to run into some glitches and issues when playing it. I don’t feel it would be very fair to complain about the time for matchmaking or some of the issues in regards to hit detection and the likes. Sure if these were game breaking and made me not want to play then I’d have something to say, but fortunately there was nothing bad that I experienced.

If you have a Beta code and haven’t given this a chance yet, I highly recommend you do so, as it is well worth the time. Thats all for now but be sure to check out some of my multiplayer highlights, you’ll see me get my ass kicked and fortunately kick some in return!

Update – 22/06/2015

Remember Queers Of War?

Finally, ending this review I would like to remind every one of “Queers of war” which was a compilation of a few flash animations taking the piss out of Gears Of War. It’s still as funny as it was when I first watched it… Enjoy!

Queers of war!

View it here

Finally got round to rendering some of the footage I captured before writing this review, been busy with Tough Mudder UK 2015 over the weekend so just done it all now. So, once you’ve read the above be sure to check out some of the footage from my online gameplay of the Beta. More videos will be added as I upload them to the channel.

Links to videos:

Match One – Mauled In The Sewers

One of my first matches back at it, get absolutely mauled but still had a laugh getting used to the controls again.

Match Two – Courtyard Brawl

Fighting in the courtyard, one of my better fights. Even more so when I got the sniper rifle and landed some headshots!

The Verdict


The Story -

The Gameplay -

The Experience -

The Presentation -

The Sound -

The Value For Money -

I Give This Game A

/ 10

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