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May 12, 2018 | 306 Views


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The latest instalment of the God of War franchise is somewhat of a soft reboot of the series, albeit a continuation of the previous titles story. Its a reboot in the sense that the gameplay and style have had an overhaul and differs quite a bit from previous titles in the franchise. I had little exposure to the previous games in the series, but from a glance between prior titles and the latest, you can see the differences and I’m in favour of them. It breathes life into the franchise and gives a more focused direction on the game’s story and lore, although the insane epic combat is still a bit focus of the game, this time around the balance between story and combat seems more even and fleshed out.

If I had to compare this game, it would be the “Uncharted” version of the hack and slash games that we didn’t know that we needed. I say that because the game feels like you’re playing a movie, with its lack of loading screens, complete immersion and excellent action/combat set pieces. It brings backs fond memories of how Uncharted had a similar approach to their action sequences in that it literally feels like a movie unfolding before your eyes and sometimes it literally takes your breath away. Those types of sequences would be the only similarity in regards to style I would say for this game, as its a completely different breed of game. You’ll either get that, or you’ll completely disagree, either way, take that reference with a pinch of salt.



God of Wars visuals are gorgeous and on the PS4 Pro it’s a real treat to play through this game, I often found myself being lost just gazing into the distance of some of the locations before reeling myself back into the game to progress further. Not only that, the game performs tremendously well on the Pro and I only ever encountered one instance of the game “loading” so to speak. I feel that the games performance and lack of loading screens between set pieces and gameplay make this game incredibly hard to put down, you’ll constantly find yourself saying “I’ll just do this little bit before I call it a day” quite often. The games focus is more on the journey itself and all of the events that unfold during it, rather than an incredibly climactic ending, I did feel myself longing for something more at the end, but I think the developers made the right choice by doing this as it will allow for a greater story to be told over the following instalments to the series. If you also include the end game and its side-quests, there is more than enough to keep you going after the main journey is done and dusted.

The combat of the game is excellent as well and requires patience to learn and understand how to duel effectively throughout the game. If you run into every fight “guns-blazing” so to speak, then you’re guaranteed to have a difficult time. You need to utilise all of the techniques you can learn, weapons and basic moves such as parrying and dodging (goes without saying really) to ensure you will get out of each battle victorious. I played through the game initially on the second hardest mode, avoiding “Give Me God of War” mode, it proved to be quite difficult and I felt that I wanted to try and enjoy the game with a fair challenge prior to playing through this beast of a mode. I can’t comment on the other difficulty settings of this game, but the mode that I played it on was thoroughly challenging and provided quite an enjoyable experience… albeit it quite troublesome at times. Saying that I would recommend this as the mode to play the game on the first time you play through it… as it was excellent.

God of War Story Trailer

The Verdict


The Story - 10

The Gameplay - 10

The Experience - 10

The Presentation - 10

The Sound - 10

The Value For Money - 10

I Give This Game A

10 / 10

This was my first time with the franchise and it’s done an excellent job of getting me invested, so much so that I want to get all the prior main console titles so that I can get to grips with the full story of Kratos. Albeit it offering a different experience, I still find myself dying to find out more. Overall I’d highly recommend this game, regardless if you’re a long time fan or not. It’s an incredibly rewarding game, with an excellent story and highlights the potential and future of story-driven gaming as a whole. I highly anticipate a sequel and I really hope other games out there can work into a similar approach for their games so that they can be as seamless and immersive at this title was. As always, do more research on this game before making a decision to purchase it or not. The opinions above are mines and mines alone.


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