Illusion A Tale Of The Mind Review

June 26, 2018 | 255 Views


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Illusion A Tale Of The Mind is a puzzle exploration game set in the ambience of the early 1920’s Parisian cabaret. Step into the shoes of a young girl named Emma and live her adventures as she is trapped inside the mind of a madman. Embark on her journey through the minds-eye of her captors, living in a fractured world of old memories and festering wounds, that paradoxically reveals itself to be also a place of great beauty and intrigue. Illusions A Tale Of The Mind had a pretty lacklustre start, in which it was felt like I was thrown into the deep end with little explanation as to what the game was about, what was going on and what was really expected of me. The game picked up the pace though after the starting section and quickly began to take shape.

The story and concept of the game are great, but the execution holds the game back, unfortunately. Due to the limited controls in the game, there were quite a few instances of trial and error, avoiding one hit kill enemies and the likes, due to the lack of being able to alter the camera, some of the deaths felt cheap and hard to avoid. This changed after a few tries but it was still quite tedious, to begin with.


Visually, the game is great and I enjoy the style but there were times in which I think the overall lighting of the game didn’t work in its favour… especially the start of the game as it was overly dark and it was quite difficult to navigate… that and not knowing what is actually going on made it a little harder. Albeit quick to pick up, some sort of direction would have been handy from the get-go.

I enjoyed the puzzles of the game, I felt they were quite intricate, but sometimes they weren’t overly clear and due to this, I felt it let some of them down. A few occasions occurred in which non-interactive elements of an environment were actually the key to solving said puzzle. Due to them not being highlighted as per the other elements, it led to some confusion, this only really bothered me at the start but I thought it was worth mentioning. The main downfall is the lack of variations in regards to the puzzles, which leads to the game becoming quite repetitive at the later stages and results in progressing the story becoming quite a tedious thing as opposed to enjoyable.

The audio of the game is alright, on some occasions, some of the tracks felt quite stocky in the sense that it felt that it was ripped from elsewhere and slightly altered. Although some of the tracks were excellent. Unfortunately, this does not make up for some of the dialogue from the main characters, there were often times in which it felt quite lifeless and bland and it pulled me out of the immersion and made it hard for me to stay invested in the events of the game.

The Verdict

"A puzzle that doesnt quite fit together"

The Story - 8

The Gameplay - 5

The Experience - 6

The Presentation - 7

The Sound - 5

The Value For Money - 6

I Give This Game A

6 / 10

Illusion A Tale Of The Mind overall was a good game, but some of the issues that I had with it held it back from being a more enjoyable experience and scoring higher, which is unfortunate as I really enjoyed the story and concepts that drove it. Illusion A Tale Of The Mind had all the pieces of a good game, but ultimately they just didn’t fit together in the end.

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