Jump Gunners

August 2, 2018 | 417 Views


Jump Gunners is a couch combat game that personally reminds me of “Duck Game” and “Worms”. It’s a game that focuses on fast, intense and hilarious combat for up to 4 players, that offers simple to pick up but difficult to master gameplay, which is due to the nature of the game. Jump Gunners is all about fast paced frantic action, each match starts off with a short countdown timer showing you each of the players in focus, then giving you a short space of time to move around the map freely before the chaos kicks in… then before you know it, the screen is filled with bullets wiping out everyone around you. The start to each match is where you can be tactical, you may think the players are just moving around randomly, but chances are they may already know a good point to get to that holds an advantage over other players, that or they may be positioning themselves to take you out directly as soon as the timer reaches zero. It’s all about being on your toes and ensuring you react quickly, due to everything happening around you, each move you make may be your last.

This type of gameplay can make for some hilarious scenarios and is the best type of game to play when you have some friends around, as multiplayer is where this game shines brightest. Jump Gunners really has something for everyone, offering multiple game modes with an abundance of weapons, destructible environments and much more. Whether you’re looking to jump in for a quick solo session to hone your skills, or you and a few friends are wanting to sit down and duke it out for a little bit, Jump Gunners has got you covered. Although Jump Gunners has been out on PC for a while now, the console platform releases are going to be welcomed with open arms. NerdRage Studios took a simple idea and implemented it really well, it’s always nice to see developers still flooding their work with creativity and ingenuity and striving to create something new and out of this world. The game itself is a real blast and with all of the incredibly fun game modes on offer, you’ll likely find yourself coming back for more, over and over again.



Jump Gunners Xbox Trailer

Games Features

  • 1-4 player support
  • Unique bullet jumping recoil mechanics
  • Skill shots and mastery, become the champion among your friends
  • Multiple game modes, such as classic last man standing, team deathmatch and capture the flag
  • Hilarious multiplayer and single player minigames
  • Tough Single player challenges to test your abilities
  • 20+ over the top weapons, including Sniper Rifles, Flamethrowers, Rocket Launchers, Gauss Rifles and more!
  • 80+ Levels to conquer
  • Use the fully destructible environment to kill your enemies
  • Custom game mode, play the game how you want to play
  • All DLC and updates are free, forever. No loot boxes, paywalls or micro transactions

One of the most fascinating things about Jump Gunners is that this nifty little game was developed by one man himself, a UK developer by the name of James Stone, who is the sole developer behind NerdRage Studios. Considering that this is his first big release of a commercial game, and that he done all of the work to bring this to life by himself it is obviously something to be proud of. Oh, I forgot to mention that his ten year old son also dipped his toes into project to help out his father, which is amazing when you think about it! Thats some pretty serious family goals right there!

You can read about the development journey of Jump Gunners here to get more of an insight to what went on behind the scenes: http://www.nerdrage.co.uk/developer-blog/

The Verdict

"JUMP... with your gun!"

The Story - 7

The Gameplay - 8

The Experience - 8

The Presentation - 8

The Sound - 8

The Value For Money - 9

I Give This Game A

8 / 10

During my playthrough of the game, I never really ran into any issues and overall the game preformed quite smoothly, which was quite refreshing. Personally, I didn’t get to dabble greatly in the multiplayer side of things, but this is definitely something that I will be doing the next time I get the opportunity. But from what I did play, I was highly impressed, I love games of this style and can’t recommend them enough. The art style really makes Jump Gunners stand out amongst the crowd and I personally love the direction they took with this game.

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