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June 25, 2018 | 276 Views


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On Rush is a new breed of all-action, high impact, adrenaline fulled vehicular combat game developed by Codemasters. At first, you may be expecting to join into a regular racing game, but that’s where you are wrong. On Rush prides itself on taking a step out from the norm and giving us a game in which the focus isn’t just winning races, but obliterating your opponents through speed, takedowns and teamwork. I wasn’t sure as to what I was expecting when I got my hands on On Rush, but I was pleasantly surprised. The game did give off some Burnout vibes, but fortunately, it stood out from it and definitely made an impact in my eyes. The tutorial section/introduction of the game was cheesy, but it quickly gave you a rundown of what to expect throughout the game and before I knew it I was off working my way through events and getting to grips with the game.

On Rush has four modes, which are as follows:

  • Overdrive
    • Overdrive mode is a pure ‘Boost to Win’ onslaught until the very end. Get boost any way you can as quickly as possible and burn it up even quicker.
  • Switch
    • Survive as long as you can hunting down your opponents. you’ll get increasingly stronger vehicles, but so will they, be smart and work together to win.
  • Countdown
    • Countdown is a race through gates against a decreasing clock. Hitting the gates will add precious seconds to your teams time, keeping you in the game.
  • Lockdown
    • Lockdown is race to fight for control of a moving zone in a 100mph King of the Hill free for all. Get in the zone and fight for survival.


Accolades Trailer

No matter which mode you’re playing, expect it to be over the top and action packed! On Rush won’t reward you for playing it safe and just sitting back, you’re encouraged to take big death-defying risks to make big gains and that’s what will set you apart from your opponents. If you see the opportunity to make big air, then take it, because chances are when you come crashing down, you might just take some of your opponents out and give your team the upper hand. On the other hand, if you aren’t being tactical then some of these risks you take may also result in wrecking your vehicle. Which results in sitting through a respawn countdown timer, which is quite dull, unfortunately, but that’s all the more reason to make sure you keep your vehicle safe! Essentially, if you want to be the MVP of your team, then play tactically, take risks and make sure to boost through everything that stands in your way! (expect trees…)

Visually, On Rush is gorgeous, it’s a fresh and exciting style that I for one love. Don’t get me wrong, I love racing games that utilise realism and the likes as well. But On Rush is something that I’ve been waiting for years. It’s not the normal type of arcade racer that have been in the market recently and that’s what I love most about it. It’s a fresh experience for home consoles and its something that I find myself sitting down with and getting lost in. I just love the RUSH from the fast-paced combat and the moments where you out of the blue take someone down with a ridiculously flukey move.

The Verdict

"What A Rush!"

The Story - 7

The Gameplay - 8

The Experience - 8

The Presentation - 8

The Sound - 9

The Value For Money - 9

I Give This Game A

8 / 10

On Rush has a variety of Game modes, levels, unlockables, vehicle classes and incentives to keep you playing for hours. If you’re looking for your regular old racing game, realism or simulation styled games then On Rush may not be for you, but if you’re looking for something new, fresh and exciting to scratch that itch, then I’d highly recommend On Rush. Like I said, I do feel Burnout Paradise vibes from this game and that was the last time I really played a game like this, but I thoroughly enjoyed both and if you were a fan of Burnout Paradise then you’ll more than love On Rush as it sets a new level for arcade style racing games.

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