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August 17, 2018 | 186 Views


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Polygod is a minimalistic roguelike FPS game that prides itself on giving players a different experience with each and every session (bearing in mind you don’t save the seed code for the level and keep retrying it). The game aims to challenge even the most hardcore gamers by mixing the randomly generated level system with a brutal difficulty curve to ensure that you are constantly kept on your toes. Polygod has already garnered quite the following over on Steam through the games early access, so it will be interesting to see how it is received on consoles when it releases later this month on Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Unfortunately, I didn’t find Polygod overly engaging, the lack of an option to remap the controls also made it quite hard for me to get into the game as it felt quite stiff controlling the character around the levels and aiming never felt quite as precise as I’d of liked it to be. Personally, I felt that the music was quite dull and due to this it failed to bring me into the action and often left me feeling like I was just going through the motions. I would have loved to have seen some other weapon variations in the game, although there are plenty modifications to your primary weapon, I’d of preferred to see some other weapons to equip to change the pace a little.

The concepts behind Polygod are great and it does make for an interesting game that has some potential, with every randomly generated and seeded level you play bringing new challenges and solutions for you to solve (These levels are then shareable among friends in order to encourage competition with full leaderboard support). I often found myself taking the “high road” so to speak and going where some of the weaker enemies couldn’t reach me, but this wasn’t always the safest route due to the fact that soon as flying enemies started coming for me I’d end up falling off the map and losing hit points.

All the different blessings (power-ups) you can make use of help give the game more replayability, as it ensures that each encounter can be drastically different due to the potential arsenal of blessings you may have equipped. The lack of a real story impacted the game the most in that it just feels like you’re constantly grinding to progress through levels and it doesn’t make for an exciting experience due to how hallow it feels.

Personally, I think what lets down Polygod the most is that progressing through the game doesn’t feel as rewarding as other recent titles in which you can unlock permanent upgrades as you progress amongst other things that in turn make the game more engaging the more you progress. I never felt hyped up for the next encounter or ability I was about to tap into, I just clattered through it to see what difference it would make in comparison to what I had just moments ago.

The Verdict


The Story - 5

The Gameplay - 5

The Experience - 5

The Presentation - 5

The Sound - 5

The Value For Money - 5

I Give This Game A

5 / 10

Polygod isn’t a game that I’d find myself revisiting any time soon, ultimately it’s just not for me, although there are definitely fans out there who are dying for this type of game and I feel that this will be just the thing that they have been looking for. All in all Polygod isn’t a bad game, I do see potential in it, but I feel it has some changes to make before it will reach that potential and truly shine. Just because it’s not for me, doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy it, so please give Polygod a chance before forming any opinions yourself of this game as it can be quite hectic and enjoyable at times.

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