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So before I go into any further detail and to avoid repeating myself please read my Nice and Crispy on Rise Of The Tomb Raider as points that haven’t changed or don’t need highlighted again will not be covered in this review. Unless I feel that it’s worthwhile highlighting them again and if that is the case I’ll reference them and explain what has or hasn’t changed and why I feel it was worthy of bringing up once again. Also, this is a warning that there may be some spoilers throughout.


Rise Of The Tomb Raider Nice & Crispy

So, now you’re all caught up, let’s get started on this review!

The Plot & Campaign

Rise of the Tomb Raider takes place a year after the events of Tomb Raider, with Lara struggling to explain and understand her experiences on Yamatai she eventually turns to her father’s research looking for answers. The game’s primary focus is finding a relic that promises immortality which is located within the lost city of Kitezh, but Lara is not alone on this expedition as Trinity are hot on her trail pulling no punches at trying to stop her from reaching it before them.

The plot picks up quite quickly and I feel that it flows in a similar fashion throughout the game, it never felt that the game was filled with unnecessary filler content between missions to keep you occupied in a means to just try and stretch the game out further. This is something I prefer to having to do X, Y and Z before you can continue on with the story as sometimes it can really take the wind out of the sails of a game. Almost all of the side missions and tasks in the game were options for the player to explore and this was a great way to handle them, you never had to spend a large amount of time doing mundane tasks just to progress the story. The campaign was excellent, the plot overall was great as it had enough meat to it to keep me engaged through the duration of the game. The time it took to complete Rise of The Tomb Raider in comparison to the last installment didn’t feel quite the same but in my eyes it lasted long enough and didn’t get dragged out for longer than it required.

Difficulty & Challenges 

I think this is one point thats worth going back into, as I previously said in my first impressions that game wasn’t overly difficult at that time and I still feel this was apparent throughout the entire game. The only time I genuinely felt a struggle was at the end of the game with the build up to the final fight, I half blame this on the lack of ammo and the swarm of enemies forcing me to constantly be on the move thus unable to retrieve much if any ammunation in the surrounding area. But, with dedication to the cause I managed to pull through it after a few attempts. Survivor mode could have been more difficult and probably should have been for the Hardcore gamers so to speak, as it didn’t feel as challenging as I had hoped, but to be honest this isn’t really a fair criticism as if it was too difficult I can guarantee that it would have negatively affected the outcome of my experience with the game. So, it could have been a bit more challenging but it’s probably fair enough for average players to go through.

Rise Of The Tomb Raider Bear Fight

One point in regards to this game’s difficulty and probably many other games aswell is the following: The game is as difficult as you make it, to an extent. By that I mean, if you run into every situation all guns blazing without analysing your surroundings and planning how you’re going to take out each person within sight, then you’re going to have a bad time. Utilising your surroundings to your advantage, carefully planned shots and the likes can end a fight before it’s even started. I did this quite often, so it’s potentially why I didn’t find some of the big fight sections as much of a struggle as they could have been if it was all guns blazing each and every single time. The difference between a few headshots in comparison to unclipping a few magazines into the enemy’s chest makes a hell of a difference. I’m not saying I didn’t occasionally run and gun my way through some fights, but the majority of them were handled in a stealthier fashion. Obviously not every single fight gives you an opportunity to plan your attack as nine times out of ten the enemies will ruthlessly hunt you down until they have got you pinned down, or you’ll be thrown in head first with little to no time to react, so you do have to think on your feet at times. If you make the most out of your weaponry and items around you then most of the battles you will face will be easily dealt with.

Optional Missions and Tasks


The first mission given to you in the game, simple to complete, adequate reward and pushes you to explore the area

The addition of side quests offered by NPCs throughout the game was quite nice and it opens up the game further to those who wish to explore all the game has to offer. Some of the missions require little to any work whereas some will require a bit of backtracking and repetition, but it’s nothing to worry over. As I previously stated, most of the missions aren’t a requirement to progress further in the game or utilised as a mean to keep you stuck at a certain part of the game until you have met certain requirements, which is obviously quite refreshing.

This also includes the Tombs, Caves and some of the fights that you have to face before you can explore them. You can easily bypass these Tombs and the likes if you do not wish to complete them, although they are quite enjoyable to do some players may be more story driven and return to them later. I think this was the aim as some Tombs require specific gear that you must acquire before being able to tackle them. I think you’d only be cheating yourself if you didn’t give them a try as they are quite enjoyable to tackle. The in game collectibles and the likes also give the player a reason to explore every area fully, whether thats to gain more knowledge on the lore of the game or just to ensure they have enough gold and the likes for acquiring weaponry and gadgets throughout the game.  All in all, these additions are definitely a positive aspect to the game.

Endurance Mode

Rise Of The Tomb Raider Endurance Mode

How long will you survive?

Alone and in the wild, Lara must scrounge, scavenge, craft and survive the harsh elements by day, as well as lethal threats from enemies, both man and beast, by night. This is her ultimate woman-versus-wild test to push the limits of how long she can survive on her own in sprawling, unforgiving landscapes. Fire takes fuel, cold kills the unprepared, food restores health, but everything must be caught, collected, or crafted. You start with nothing and must find everything. Challenge friends to your longest survival run and battle to the top of the leaderboards for the title of Ultimate Survivor. Includes a new outfit and weapon.

Xbox Store Description 

At the time of completion and of this article being published we had not had the chance to experience this feature of the game, we have heard quite a lot about it though and are keen to get a look at it. This mode does seem like it will offer the player a drastically different experience compared to what we are used to, maybe this will be utilised more in future installments? Who knows, but I guess we will see how well this DLC goes down first. When we get round to playing through it for a bit, we will be sure to do a follow up write up to it. Keep your eyes peeled for our verdict on it!

Some Strengths and Weaknesses

Now the big topics are covered, I’d like to go over a few points that I did / didn’t like about the game.

  • On the rails action [ Strength ]

This isn’t exactly something brand new and game changing, but it is something I love in games, well when it makes sense. One minute things are at ease, the next everything around you is exploding as if Michael Bay started filming a Transformers movie in the area (I kid!). These moments are intense, mind blowing and provide a great on the edge of your seat moment when you have to keep on your toes to ensure you make it out alive.

  • The Tombs [ Strength ]

I thoroughly enjoyed the addition of optional Tombs in the game, it expanded the game and brought so much more to the table than the previous installment.

  • Enemies are ruthless [ Strength ]

Sometimes the enemies were ruthless and would do their very best to hunt you down, not anything overly special but I was enjoyed it. Although most of the battles in the game weren’t too difficult this did make each fight more intense, being kept on your toes and made to think quickly is the way combat in games should be done.

  • Difficulty [ Weakness ]

Unfortunately I have to bring this up again, I won’t repeat myself but all I will say is I’d of liked a bit more of a challenge in some aspects of the game.

  • Glitchy behaviour and unresponsive controls [ Weakness ]

This wasn’t a constant issue but it happened enough to irritate me, sometimes the results of it were humorous but theres only so much I can take when I’m trying to get through a section of the game and Lara keeps missing ledges or enemies and ends up dying… then taking off into the sky like nature intended!

The video above just highlights two  minor examples, it’s nothing serious but it did happen more than I would have liked it to have. It really only became an issue when I was trying to make progress and little slip ups like the above caused me to die and have to spend more time repeating sections of the game. I’m aware that stuff like this may not actually always be the game’s fault and it could be a hiccup or two on my part, but it happened quite a bit and sometimes it was clear the game wasn’t playing nicely with me.

  • The finale / The Last Stand [ Mixed feelings ]

The build up to the final fight / last stand was great and it really set the tone for what would appear to be a big battle. The first stage of the ending section in my eyes, as I previously mentioned about the amount of enemies and the lack of ammunition or at least the lack of time to gather any of it made it quite tedious to get through and somewhat put a downer on the battle. I can’t say for certain as to why, but I wasn’t overly impressed with the helicopter section of this battle. The true final fight was alright, albeit simple… and what follows was a great end to the fight.

Did it improve on the last installment?

So, has the Rise of The Tomb Raider improved on what the last installment had to offer? To keep it short and sweet I’d say it definitely has.  Both installments had excellent stories and campaigns but this installment offers far more in regards for things for the player to do. Thats referring to the additional Tombs to raid of course, well those and the missions and challenges lurking around too.  I briefly covered the Endurance mode, I feel this will offer quite a lot of replayability to the game alone, but until I get my hands on it I cannot comment. When I get some time with it, I’ll be sure to post my thoughts on it. I’ve highlighted it again as I feel its potentially something that will add to the game.

The Verdict

“Overall, so far The Rise Of The Tomb Raider is an excellent game and well worth picking up if you need something new to play right now, it’s not one to miss. I can only comment on what I know so far, so be sure to check back soon for my full review of this game!”

A snippet of CrispySingers Nice & Crispy Verdict – Read Full Nice & Crispy

My verdict from the Nice & Crispy article still stands, this title is definitely worth picking up whether you’re a hardcore fan or a newcomer to the series. Overall I enjoyed the game and felt that it was a great follow up to the first game, as you can see in the review I had some gripes with it but to be honest they weren’t anything that really put a downer on the experience. It has an excellent story, stunning visuals and simple controls. It allows both hardcore and occasional gamers to jump right in and experience what it has to offer. If you’re still holding on to your Christmas money, or have some spare cash lying about then treat yourself to Rise of The Tomb Raider today!


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The Verdict


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