Strange Brigade Review

September 2, 2018 | 367 Views


Strange Brigade has you and up to three other fearless fortune hunters embark on a perilous journey, after lying dormant for over 4,000 years, Seteki the Witch Queen has risen once more. It’s up to you and your troop of daring heroes to blast your way through a legion of undead monsters and hunt down the foul Seteki. You play as one of the agents who has been trained to deal with supernatural outbreaks in the world. Each of which can unleash devastating magical powers to lay waste to all who stand in their way, along with a deadly arsenal of power weapons and prototype weapons such as the cold chill buster and brain-busting blunderbuss that are sure to make the journey ahead a little easier.

During my playthrough I often found myself getting lost in the game and its environments, taking my time to really get to know every location and try my best to find every little secret that was hidden away. Even if I felt that the end of a level was nearby I would always double back and ensure I had not missed anything out. The best thing was that it never really felt like a chore doing so, it felt natural and I was often rewarded for doing so. This made it even more enticing to keep exploring as the game went on and aiming to do every optional objective that was possible at that given time. One other thing that I loved about the levels was the attention to detail and how a lot of the traps were built into the environments, making it easy to lure enemies into them and tactfully take out a large group with minimal effort. In a game like this, you’d expect the traps to be like this, but it still astounded me just how well they had been implemented and just how many times they saved me from certain death.

The characters all have an abundance of weaponry and abilities at their disposal, with options to upgrade them and buy other equipment, you really get a good arsenal to try out as you play through the game. It also enables players who do the game in a group to be more tactful, having players who can specialise in different styles of combat to keep enemies at bay, such as splitting the team up in teams for long range and short range combat. Ultimately adding a different dynamic to how you handle bosses and challenges that you face on the journey ahead, which I cannot wait to try out! In regards to the controls, I felt that the game controlled really well and I never found any issues with how controlling my character(s) felt. Transitioning between weapons and combat, in general, was smooth, simple and easy to pick up and play. It makes the game easy for players of all skill levels to jump into


In regards to Strange Brigades, puzzles and obstacles I thoroughly enjoyed the challenges that arose throughout the game, some were quite simple, but I often found myself having to stop for a bit and actually plan ahead before trying to solve some of the puzzles. Which is good, as I prefer puzzles to actually feel like a challenge to overcome as opposed to just another dull obstacle to pass. This is what made me keen to get in on the multiplayer action even more, due to the fact I played the game solo, I feel that I missed out on the opportunities for some real fun multiplayer moments. Such as handling puzzles, exploring every nook and cranny of an area as a team and taking down hordes of the undead. So, I cannot fairly comment on the multiplayer, but once I’ve had some time on it with friends I’ll revisit this topic.

There are also a good variety of game modes to try out, that only helps add to the replayability of Strange Brigade. Alongside the main campaign, there is also time attack mode and horde mode, neither of which need further explanation. Both of these modes once again allow up to 4 players to get in on the action and show one another just how skilled they are in handling the undead hordes of monsters that dare face them.

One other thing that I enjoyed was the game’s narrator, coming out with cheesy lines throughout the journey, either throwing out some banter or alluring you to your next objective. It always managed to get a chuckle out of me even when I thought I had heard enough of him. Fortunately, I never felt that he was overused during my playthrough and it helped enforce the vibe and feel that Strange Brigade wanted to give off to its players.

The Verdict

"Bring out your inner adventurer!"

The Story - 9

The Gameplay - 9

The Experience - 9

The Presentation - 9

The Sound - 9

The Value For Money - 9

I Give This Game A

9 / 10

I’d highly recommend Strange Brigade, regardless of your familiarity with games of this genre or style, anyone can get involved and enjoy it. Strange Brigade poses a fair but rewarding challenge, with the opportunity to push yourself further if desired. With the number of in-game items to unlock, characters to familiarise yourself with and modes to try out, Strange Brigade has plenty of content to keep you coming back for more.

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