The Journey Down Chapter One Review

June 26, 2018 | 283 Views


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Before I start, please check out my First Impressions article on The Journey Down prior to reading my review! Also, please keep in mind that this score only applies to the first chapter of The Journey Down!

The Journey Downs first chapter has been an excellent experience and it has been quite some time since I played a game like this, it’s been so refreshing! Whenever I found myself stumped on a puzzle, or piece of that puzzle I often found myself walking back and fourth trying to figure it out and seeing what if anything that I may have missed out. Sometimes that isn’t enough and you really need to analyse your inventory and even show it to some of the local NPCs. For example, I had a worn damaged T-Shirt for ages and had no idea what I’d use it for, it wasn’t until I had inspected it that I was given a hint that revealed I could use it to pass as a sailor if I modified it to look similar to their uniform, from the point on the rest of that puzzle was clear as day and I moved through it. There have been plenty of moments like that during this chapter, finding myself stumped but then after properly analysing the situation I realise I already have the means to complete the puzzle, its just a case of putting it all together…

The Journey Down has a gorgeous art style and I really love how the characters look and how immersive the environments are. Point and Click Puzzle games can really shine in these areas, as they can put so much more attention to detail into these assets, as opposed to having to focus on large action set pieces or the likes. Visually, the game is stunning and I don’t really have any gripes with it. The only thing that had me a bit unsure was the voice acting, some of the characters audio sounded a bit off, I’m unsure if this was the intention or not but I wouldn’t really say this has any effect over the experience at hand.

The characters as well quickly grow on you and become quite memorable, whether its Matoke, Chef Sabo or the trusty sailors down by the bay. Each are fleshed out enough to allow you to form connections with them and learn about them, they don’t just serve as pieces to help you solve puzzles. I found myself exhausting all of the conversation branches with every character, making sure I could get every last drop of information out of them, I showed them all of my items just in case they held the next piece of the puzzle I required. I quickly found myself becoming more invested the more I played.

Another thing that I love about these types of games is when you can see the solutions come together before your eyes, it may be something that needs tackled down the line, but you can instantly tell exactly what is required to satisfy the puzzles requirements, but now you just have to piece it all together and move through it. I’m really enjoying the game so far and can’t wait to dig into it deeper.

One of my favourite moments of playing this game is when the oddest solutions are they key to solving a puzzle, albeit some of them are quite difficult to figure out at times. For example, when I was looking to make a spice mix and one of the ingredients were olive oil, at this point I had not saw any such items at any of the locations I had been at and I had a hunch that in order for me to progress further, this current puzzle was the key to doing so. I jokingly thought to myself, why not try the oil tap at the bay, I bet this is something Bwana would actually do… but it didn’t work… then I remember about a second oil tap next to the gas station and what do you know, it worked! I don’t want to give too much away, but there are so many bits like this within this chapter that just make you laugh due to the way they play out and how over the top they can be.

The Verdict

"Whats Over The Edge?"

The Story - 9

The Gameplay - 9

The Experience - 9

The Presentation - 9

The Sound - 7

The Value For Money - 9

I Give This Game A

9 / 10

The Journey Down Chapter One kicks off the trilogy to an excellent start, it sets the stakes, gets you invested in the story and gives you plenty of time to adjust to the gameplay style. It’s a great game to sit back and relax with and its the right amount of difficulty for those both accustomed to these style of games and newcomers alike. I’m really looking forward to the following chapters and can’t wait to see how the story unfolds! I’d highly recommend this game if your’e looking for a good point and click puzzle adventure, or even if you’re looking to branch your way into this style of game.

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