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So, before you get started on reading my review. If you haven’t played The Wolf Among Us and intend to, then I’d recommend doing so before reading any further! Also, if you haven’t checked out the Nice & Crispy on it then please do so as it will fill in any sections that aren’t covered in this review, to avoid repeating myself.

The Wolf Among Us

Nice & Crispy, The Wolf Among Us. Our first impressions!

So, lets get started on the review!

The Presentation

The Big Bad Wolf

Come on, just look at it!

To be honest I don’t need to say much on this, I personally think the game looks amazing and I love the style of this game. If your’e not a fan of more “cartoonish” graphics then it’s probably something you’d find unappealing about The Wolf Among Us, but I totally love it!

The Gameplay

General Discussion

The gameplay of The Wolf Among US is pretty simple and easy to grasp. You’ll spend most of your time throughout the game navigating areas and rooms, investigating and researching and essentially interrogating other characters you meet along the way. There are some points in which you’ll be required to carry out quick time events but these aren’t that often and are mostly used for combat and action sections. Normally quick time sections can feel like a bit of a drag when they are over done or just thrown in constantly for the sake of it, but I think The Wolf Among Us and in general Telltale do a great job of implementing them right. It’s what you would expect from a great example of a point and click adventure game.

Branching Stories and crafting your path

As I said before, your choices matter in this game. The story is essentially is as simple as going from A to B, but how you get there is entirely your choice. In most games like this, the story is set from the get go and you basically just progress through it as intended. In The Wolf Among Us you can essentially craft the story as you play, because one decision you make earlier on in the game could turn things on their head later on in the game. Such as potentially causing harm to another character, giving someone the benefit of the doubt or even completely turning against someone in the heat of the moment. These situations and choices are crafted in a way to make you think fast, sometimes you won’t always get it right or even feel like you’ve essentially picked the right option. But if it was easy it wouldn’t be as enjoyable making these decisions. I say that because, in the heat of the moment another character may be trying to put thoughts in your head and twist words, you may end up loosing track and begin questioning something you were certain on a second ago. You may have been “right” in the first place, but end up picking something totally different seconds later. This is one of the strongest points of the game, you always have to try and think on your feet and do what you think is best. If you go in and aimlessly pick choices without considering the consequences, then the game will probably play out poorly. Another point to make, albeit obvious, is that your choices often have a cascading effect. So if you were to play the game numerous times and change even one main decision each time but mostly follow the same path, chances are you’re end story could become completely different. It’s something I really love about Telltales games!

Time to pick

An example of some of the “smaller” choices to deal with in the game

Some of the main examples of choices that can have a rippling effect on the rest of the stories progression are the following, I’ll refrain from spoiling too much about who, what or why I did what I did;

  • In the midst of a fight, I got the upper-hand and a weakness of an enemy was made apparent, you get the choice to utilise this to your advantage (or just leash out some justice because you care for no man) but in doing so physically impair the related character. I decided to show this person I meant business and ended up ripping their arm off, obviously damaging their relationship and making sure he wouldn’t cause me trouble again.


  • In another section shortly after, two prime suspects you have been chasing are both in plain sight and once they realise things are about to go down they make a dash for it. You have the choice to go for one or the other, obviously events prior to this are making you question who is more important to catch and what will happen if you let the other go. In my first run I ended up going for someone who apparently had nothing to do with the grand scheme of things. If I went for the other would this have changed? 

There isn’t much more to say about the gameplay than that, if your’e looking for something combat heavy, with tones of exploration to offer and the likes, then chances are this may not be for you. If you’re looking for something with a great story, great re-playability and  something you can enjoy in short sessions then this is definitely worth picking up! (and while your’e at it go get The Walking Dead season 1 & 2 by these guys!).

Every choice has an impact

One thing that I found odd is that throughout the game, almost all of the characters you have hostile interactions with, will always remember them and often use them against you. Even though you are basically forced against the wall and have little to no choice but to “fight” back. It can sometimes be upsetting when you get made out to be the Big Bad wolf for reacting how you did, when your very life depended on it. It’s almost like the other characters basically completely overlook the fact that sometimes you literally had to cause injury (or kill) other person. I’m not implying that it’s always the correct thing to do, but sometimes the story almost entices you to do so when things have been building up and you just want to unleash the beast.

Regardless of what is “right” or “wrong”, the game often wont let you off with either of the options. Just because something seems “right” at the moment and time, doesn’t mean that it is in the grand scheme of things. Which is what makes this game so interesting.

The Story of Fabletown

The story of The Wolf Among Us is excellent, it’s well paced and does an excellent job of keeping you on your toes and heavily engrossed. To be totally honest, it genuinely felt like the first time in awhile that I’ve actually found myself invested in the story and going out of my way to continue playing it. It was one of those scenarios in which it’s 1/1:30am, I have to be up for work in roughly 5 hours and I’ve gotten to the final episode of the game… I toyed between the idea of leaving the finale for the next night or just hammering through it to find out what’s really going on here. Before I knew it, I was wrapping the story up, it was close to half 2 and I already knew I was going to be feeling quite sluggish at work later that day. But was it worth it? damn right it was!

Our Heroes and villians

Some of the Fables from The Wolf Among Us

A summary of the story

My storyline, albeit roughly the same regardless of which path you follow, some of your choices may affect certain aspects of the game. So if something doesn’t match up for you, then chances are I didn’t encounter it during my playthrough. So, lets get started…

The game focuses on investigating a series of murders in Fabletown. Which starts off of a case in which we are led to believe that the murderer is right under our nose and pretty much the first person we encounter during the introduction of the game, we quickly learn that all is not as it seems and that this case is far bigger than we could have ever imagined. As the story progresses and we meet more characters in Fabletown it’s apparent that almost everyone has some sort of connection to the man pulling the strings behind this whole charade, regardless whether it’s willingly or not. Not only that, but we are often made to doubt our prior choices constantly as the plot unfolds in front of our very own eyes. As you interrogate your way through the suspect’s you eventually learn that there is one man responsible for this chain of events and his name is The Crooked Man, this is where things pick up and you quickly make your way to hunting him down and bringing him in. At the point of arrest, all of his henchmen turn on you and you’re forced to take action into your own hands , ultimately resulting in some deaths and one badass battle to say the least. After you fight your way through all of the henchmen, you eventually detain (or kill) The Crooked Man and bring him in for trail (or bring his corpse in). At this point, after hearing him out and basically defending yourself against his accusations (he will use your choices and actions throughout the game against you. Oh, you’ve been killing everyone when given the option? Yeah the crowd will easily side with you now… I jest, but it does make their opinion of you change hastily and he does a good way of using this to his advantage). As things get heated and he seems like he’s going to win the crowd over, one of the girls Nerissa appears and now freely opens the lid on all the information she had kept hidden away, which obviously secures the crowd in your favour. After this, it winds up that the Sheriff will be given the choice to, arrest The Crooked Man or sentence him to death by throwing him down the wishing well. This is essentially where the story ends, depending on what you do with The Crooked Man, will determine the following events and your true ending of the game. 


I’ve just skimmed over the story as a whole, as I think it’s something better experienced by playing the game. That and I can only accurately cover my experience of the story, so I’d rather not half heartedly try to cover all the other possible story branches without actually completing them. So on that note, I’ll leave discussing the true ending of the game for now.

Although, what I will say about the ending is…

It was quite interesting, it almost makes you question most of your actions throughout the game when you think about it. What may have appeared obvious at one point, suddenly seems like it may have been a rash decision made in the heat of the moment. Maybe that character you interrogated and intimidated wasn’t actually in the wrong at all and just had been in the wrong place at the wrong time. The Wolf Among Us does a good job of emphasising just how much every choice matters in the game and just what consequences they have. This is best illustrated in the very end of the game, as it’s revealed that things weren’t as simple as you expected from the events prior to this scene.

The Verdict

It’s quite simple, Get it!

I still stand by my thoughts from the Nice and Crispy on this game. I never really found anything about the game I disliked during my playthrough, overall it was an excellent experience and was a good change of pace in comparison to the types of games I had been playing recently. It’s a relatively short game, but for what it’s worth its totally worth it. The presentation is excellent, the story is incredibly engaging and keeps you wanting more. Overall, The Wolf Among Us is an excellent game, that offers a howling experience. It’s well worth picking up (its currently free for Xbox One Gamers!) and I’d highly suggest doing so. Telltale Games do some excellent games, so you should check out some of their other pieces of work.

Let us know your thoughts!

Have you played The Wolf Among Us? If so, what were your thoughts on the game? Let us know somewhere on the internet!

The Verdict


The Story -

The Gameplay -

The Experience -

The Presentation -

The Sound -

The Value For Money -

I Give This Game A

/ 10


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