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October 29, 2018 | 354 Views


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theHunter Call of the Wild claims to be the ultimate PC & Console hunting experience, but does it live up to that claim? theHunter: Call of the Wild aims to offer one of the most authentic and immersive hunting experiences created thus far. From the moment you step into the game, a beautiful open world lays before you that is teeming with life, activity and locations to explore.

If you’re looking for an action rich game where you’ll be fending off hordes of wildlife, then unfortunately this wont be for you. theHunter focuses on delivering an experience that aims to mimic and simulate the real life experiences of hunting. Due to the way that the animals behave, the impact that the weather changes have on your hunt and the attention to detail overall that has been put into the game, you can easily find yourself heavily engrossed.

As you would expect, the game heavily focuses on honing your skills in tracking, stalking and harvesting animals. Although its quite an easy concept to pick up and play, it will take time to master this to make each hunt efficient. You have to tread carefully as the animals will react to your every move, if you don’t take your time to approach an animal, you’re almost asking for it to make a dash to safety. Although you can sometimes pick off smaller animals with ease and little preparation, it is always best to treat each and every single hunt with the same care as a simple slip up can often result in you having to recalculate your entire strategy, well that’s if the animal hasn’t retaliated.

Stealth players will be in their element, as being in touch with your surroundings helps provide more opportunities for a successful hunt. Utilising vegetation as visual cover can easily provide the advantage, but if you rustle about for too long, this quickly becomes an issue and alerts the animals around you. On that note, there can be a bit to take on when starting the game, but fortunately the games intelligent systems will assist both first time players and even long time veterans of the genre to make sure you get the best experience out of every hunt. Regardless if you’re a novice, or even a veteran If you’re willing to invest the time required for a good hunt into this game, then you’ll be well rewarded with a very realistic and enjoyable experience. I’d recommend playing with a headset on for this one, as it allows you to pick up those fainter noises with ease and helps keep you immersed in the game.

The Verdict

"Deep Breath... One Shot"

The Story - 6

The Gameplay - 7

The Experience - 8

The Presentation - 8

The Sound - 8

The Value For Money - 7

I Give This Game A

7 / 10

Personally I don’t feel that theHunter is a game that you can just play in short bursts, to really get the most out of it, you need to dedicate time to each session to really get into the mood of the hunt and to fully experience all that theHunter has to offer. If you’re a fan of hunting and simulation games, then it goes without saying that theHunter is going to scratch some of those itches that you’ll have and overall provide a satisfying experience.

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