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Far Cry 4

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Original Release Date: 18/11/2014

Platforms: PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One.

Genre: First-person shooter, Action-adventure game.






Don’t worry about a thing, boy. This will soon be behind us and we’ll be off on our grand adventure.

Far Cry 4 is a first-person action-adventure game. Players assume control of Ajay Ghale, a Kyrati-American who is on a quest to spread his deceased mother’s ashes in the fictional country of Kyrat.

Throughout the game you help the 2 commanders (Sabal and Amita) of the rebel movement The Golden Path take on the games antagonist, Pagan Min, Kyrats eccentric and tyrannical King and leader of The Royal Army. From the get go, his troops will attempt to hunt you down and destroy anything in their way to get you. You will have to be wary when travelling through Kyrats beautiful lands, if you do not wish to fight, you’d best stay off the roads! Outposts controlled by The Royal Army, are dotted all over Kyrat. To help reduce the amount of troops patrolling in that area, you will need to clear out these outposts and claim them for The Golden Path. But be careful, if you are spotted the alarm will be raised and swarm after swarm of troops will appear to try flush you put of hiding and the odds will be further against you. They’re are also 4 highly guarded  forts within the game that need to be cleared out as well, these are run by the 4 main characters you will come up against during the game.

To to navigate your way through Kyrats unforgiving terrain, you will also need to capture bell towers by climbing to the top and shutting down the broadcasting of The Royal Army propaganda. Each tower take over leads towards free weapons that can be obtained at liberated outposts and will clear the “fog” on your map and show roads to help you on your journey and stop you from walking into a dead end. There are various vehicles to help speed up your journey. Cars, buggies and trucks can all be put into auto drive which will maintain speed and drive along to the players objective. Along with boats and small helicopters, these vehicles can be driven while shooting one handed weapons to help give an advantage during chases and fire fights

It’s not only Pagans men that are out to hunt you. Kyrats is home to some dangerous predators (bears, tigers, eagles and wolves to name a few) and if you cross their path, they won’t think twice about having you for dinner! But that doesn’t mean totally avoid them. Hunting these animals and skinning them will provide animal hides and meat to use as bait to lure other animals out either for you to hunt or to lead a hungry predator into an outpost full of The Royal Army. The hides can be used for upgrades like weapon holsters, ammo pouches, loot bags etc. handy upgrades to have for taking on outposts and forts. Not every animal is out to turn you into a snack though, there are plenty other animals that will not cause you any harm but don’t expect them to hang around for you to kill them, if they notice you, they will dash off until they feel they are at a safe distance. Collecting herbs and creating syringes can help find animals or mask your scent making getting closer easier, these syringes can also be made for healing and combat benifits. Players can ride elephants and use them to stomp, charge and throw any enemies out the way.

During the game you will find conflict not just between The Golden Path and Royal Army, but within the Golden Path itself. Although both Leaders of the rebel cause wish to end Pagan Min’s oppression and give Kyrat back to the people, they both have different views on how they wish to move forward. With one wishing to follow their traditional roots and keep The Golden Path as it always has been, while the other wishes to help Kyrat into a new age, where trade and wealth will help the people of this beautiful land live happier lives. This leads to arguments and the player will have a choice of missions on who to follow and give the power to lead The Golden Path. Each choice you make effects the Golden Path and it’s outcome.

As the game is open world, players can choose when they wish to progress with the story or if they’d rather tackle outposts/bell towers, hunt to upgrade equipment or help the people of Kyrat by completing various side missions. These can be freeing hostages, disposing bombs, taking care of predators or delivering care packages. Either way their is plenty to keep you busy.

XP points are obtained by completing missions, taking down enemies and liberating outposts, additional points for doing so undetected. This leads to points to be used on a skill tree. The skill tree is split into two sections The Tiger and The Elephant. While The Tiger is more offensive skills, such as different take downs while The Elephant concentrates on Defensive skills and traits such as max health upgrades and reduced damage. Another points system in the game is Karma, these can be collected by helping the people of Kyrat in different situations, the more karma points you have the more chance you will get discount in stores and the chances to ask for back up when in challenging firefights with the Royal Army.

Source: Jonny Cooper [ Rubber182 ]

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